If your shop is located in a tourist city, don’t miss the chance to personalise souvenirs using dye sublimation printing.

25 Items


25 Items


Souvenirs for sublimation

Is your personalisation shop located in a tourist place? Then don’t miss this opportunity and start creating souvenirs using dye sublimation printing. Tourists will be looking for the perfect gift for their friends and family, and you can provide them with a great souvenir thanks to our sublimation blanks.

Turn simple items into great gifts full of memories. Print the most representative images of your city on sublimation souvenirs and get tourists to remember your city.

In this category, you will find products for your customers to use in their everyday lives, such as souvenir mugs, T-shirts, bags, clocks, jigsaw puzzles and fridge magnets.


Printable gifts

Personalise your products for the tourists that come to your city. Make printable gifts with many items and provide your customers with the blanks that you will find in this category.

If you work with DTG printing, you can also personalise t-shirts, aprons, bodysuits or towels with sentences related to your city, drawings of a monument, or any other characteristic detail that they might find interesting.


Souvenir mugs

One of the most popular products to sell in shops with great tourist affluence is souvenir mugs. Your customers will drink their morning coffee with the memories from that amazing trip.  

In this category, you will find a variety of souvenir mugs with different colours and sizes. Now, it’s your turn to personalise these products with text or photos that will remind your customers of your city, using dye sublimation printing.

Don’t run out of stock! These items are a must for your gift shop, so place your order now and get your souvenir mugs through this category.