Top-selling Christmas decorations

At Brildor you can choose from a wide range of original Christmas decoration products. Personalise these items with unique prints and increase your sales during the Christmas season. Find here 7 Ideas For Personalised Christmas Baubles And Ornaments for inspiration.


Christmas photo baubles are the most affordable option, as you only need a domestic printer, scissors and photo or normal paper. A quick and easy way to offer original and personalised decorations to your customers.


Photo frames are the perfect way to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas with photos of family members taken during this time of year. Discover the 6 different models in both landscape and portrait format. You can also go for the rounded design, more interesting and with different Christmas motifs.


Personalised snow globes are an original gift idea for Christmas Day or Secret Santa. You can choose any snowflake shape that stands out to you: silver glitter, gold stars, red hearts or the classic white snowflakes. There is also a deluxe model with a blue or green base.


At Brildor, we have created personalised ornaments in unique wooden shapes so your Christmas products can be this holiday’s stars. Christmas ornaments will turn into sentimental objects for your customers. You can also find similar decorations made of acrylic, aluminium or cardboard. They all come with a white gloss finish polyester coating so that you can easily personalise them using dye sublimation printing.


Homes get filled with Christmas decorations, and if they are personalised, even better. There are plenty of Christmas decorations you can use, for instance, these giant Santa hats for the back of the chair. Complete the pack with personalised place cards and metallic mugs.

If you want to decorate shop windows, stands, street markets or the inside of your shop, Brildor has Christmas-shaped stands to display your Christmas decorations.


Discover the perfect lighting for shop windows and homes. Choose from different twinkling LED lights for the Christmas tree or garlands. 


Find here everything you need to create the best Christmas packaging. Choose from different labels and cardstock to decorate your Christmas gifts. Don’t forget to use a nice ribbon to top it off.