Receive your order in 2-7 days to any EU country

Shipping cost for deliveries to...

...the United Kingdom starts at €71.33
...Ireland starts at €78.07
...France starts at €22.38
...Belgium starts at €18.39

We also deliver to Spain (entire territory), Germany, Andorra, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland.

All invoices for customers based in Gibraltar are exempt from VAT.
Due to high customs costs, we do not make direct shipments to Gibraltar. These orders must be collected at the agency's delegation in la Línea de la Concepción. By doing so, the shipping costs are lower, and there is no customs clearance.


Delivery times

Delivery times for shipments to a European Union country are 2 to 7 working days, depending on their size and weight. Small shipments (up to 3-5kg) travel by air transport, and their dispatch is faster. Ask us about your case for more accurate information. We do not send partial shipments of orders.

The shipping cost calculated in the shopping cart is door to door but does not include, if applicable, any customs clearance cost or taxes from the country of destination. That means that the Incoterm is DAP.

There are a few products that can only be sold in Spain due to the distribution agreements we have with our suppliers. A mark signals them in their product card as "Only available in Spain" at the end of the header text.

The applied shipping rate is estimated and may be increased due to the difference between the actual weight (the rate) and the volumetric weight (the weight charged by transport agencies). This could happen due to the package's morphology, the current transport situation, or many other factors. If this is the case, we will inform you of that difference and offer you the best options to continue your shipment or cancel it if you prefer.

Your order will leave our warehouse within 24/48h if all the following conditions are met:

  • All products from the order were showing as immediately available at the time it was confirmed (see confirmation email). How can I check a product's availability?
  • Payment must be immediate: Credit or debit card, Bizum and Paypal.
  • Its total weight does not exceed 10kg.

Delivery times only count working days that match origin and destination. Please keep in mind that these estimations may be extended due to logistical problems with the transport agency.


Shipping cost

We have negotiated for you the best rates. We want to bring our products closer to you.

You can calculate your freight instantly: fill your cart with all your purchases and go to "View Cart". At the bottom of the page, choose the destination, and we will tell you how much it will cost.

Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of volume (cubic meter).

Since January 1st 2023, delivery companies have charged us an additional cost of €22.5 for packages over 1.2m long, 0.7m wide or 0.6m high. Therefore, we are working to automate this process. We will contact you in the meantime so you can make the payment and your order can be processed.


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More information about our store in the Shopping Help section.


How long does it take to get my order ready?

We have a 24h deadline to prepare and ship your order after its confirmation.

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Are the deadlines always met?

We deliver more than 95% of our orders within the deadline.

We do our best to meet them, and we are very aware of their importance to our customers. However, we cannot assume any responsibility if we have been unable to comply with the time specified, especially when it comes to the loss of profits on orders that have not been served.

If we fail to do so, you can ask for the cancellation of the order. We will return all of the money as soon as we receive the merchandise back.

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Where do we ship from?

From our distribution centre in Benimarfull, Alicante, Spain.

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How can I check a product's availability?

You can check the availability of a product in several ways as we explain below. To get a more accurate view of the availability, you must be logged in to your customer account.

  • Each product card gives you availability in real time.
  • You may as well see a product's availability in the shopping cart, also in real time.
  • After placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email in which you can see each product's availability at the time of order confirmation.

Keep in mind that, if a product is left in the cart for a long time, its availability may change.

The availability of your confirmed order is only guaranteed for payments made by card, Bizum or Paypal (as long as we are not out of stock). For bank transfer payments, the items of your order cannot be reserved until payment reception has been confirmed, which can take several hours or days. In the meantime, their availability may change, and, in this case, we might not be able to deliver your entire order.

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What does each availability mean?

To get the maximum detail from a product's availability, you must be logged into your Brildor account.

This table explains what each of them means:

Availability Meaning
Available The product is in stock (at our warehouse) for immediate shipping.
On request, X working days after confirmation Once the order and its payment have been confirmed, it usually takes X days to deliver that product.
While stocks last Once out of stock, this product will not be replenished.
Expected entry date: ... It shows an estimation of the date of arrival to our warehouse. From that moment we will start preparing your order.
We can also deliver x units in 2 working days This product requires processing at Brildor, that's why we need 2 working days from the order's date.
Discontinued We no longer sell this product nor are we expected to do so.
Shown on each product/ Make a selection first For items with different options (size, colour, etc.). Every selection has its own availability that will appear after selecting the option(s) you want.

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When is my order prepared?

An order is only prepared if its payment is confirmed. For card, Bizum and Paypal payments, confirmation is immediate, but for bank transfers, it can take hours or even days before they are received.

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How can I know if my order has left?

As soon as your order is picked up by the transport agency, we will send you an email with its tracking number so that you can be aware of its location at all times.

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Tips for products I need urgently

If there is an item you need urgently we recommend you, before confirming the order, to follow these tips:

  • Make sure that the product card is showing immediate availability, or that you bear the term indicated.
  • Pay by card, Bizum or Paypal, to guarantee stock reservation, as well as immediate processing.
  • Be aware that our usual delivery times depend on the shipping address you selected.
  • If you need to purchase several things, but some of them are showing long delivery times, place an order for the products you most urgently need and another one for the rest of the material. Keep in mind that freight calculation will be made separately for each order.

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Where will I receive my order?

At the address you indicate in the "Shipping Address" field of your account. If you do not specify this address, we will understand that it is the same as the "Billing Address".

If you have more than one location, you can save each of their addresses in your account. One of them will be considered as default, make sure it is the right one when you are processing your order.

Keep in mind that our shipping rates only include street-level deliveries. Should any special means be necessary to upload the merchandise to your premises, you must solve it on your own. We do not make deliveries at post-office boxes.

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Can the delivery country be different from the buyer's fiscal address?

YES IT CAN. Our system performs the tax calculation considering the shipping address as stipulated by current law. Bear on mind that the billing address must be one of the countries listed on our website as eligible to make purchases.

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How do I make an enquiry?

Please have your order number at hand and contact us in whichever way you prefer. We always get back to you.

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*All times are given in UK time