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Brildor Club

Brildor Club is a direct discount program for your purchases. Whenever you place an order (minimum purchase of €10), some discount balance will be generated into your customer account for you to use on your next purchase. The more you buy, the more you save.
You will get access to the Brildor Club as soon as you register as a new customer, and will receive a €5 welcome balance.


How do I get some discount balance?

As a Regular Brildor Member:

  • On orders up to €180, you may receive €0.20 for every €10 you spend
  • On orders over €180, you may receive €0.30 for every €10 you spend

As a Premium Brildor Member:

If you are a Premium Member of the Brildor Club, you will accumulate 25% more balance, so you can obtain:

  • On orders up to €180, you may receive €0.25 for every €10 you spend
  • On orders over €180, you may receive €0.38 for every €10 you spend


Who are Premium Brildor Members?

If over the last 12 months your purchases have exceeded €3,000, you will automatically be upgraded to the Premium Brildor Member category. This amount is checked daily. As soon as you reach it, you will become a Premium Member the day after.


Terms and conditions of the Brildor Club

  • Loyalty balance will be added when placing an order with an immediate payment method (Credit/debit card and Paypal).
  • The Loyalty balance includes taxes.
  • Orders paid by Bank Transfer will accumulate loyalty balance if the amount exceeds €500 before VAT.
  • Your balance will show in the "My credits" section inside "My account", and you can use it by selecting "Payment methods".
  • You can use your balance without needing to have a minimum accumulated amount or reach a minimum order value. Nonetheless, you won't be able to get a higher discount than your order value.
  • Balance expires after 6 months if you have not used it.
  • The balance is calculated on the net amount of the purchase: excluding taxes, shipping, coupons, and promotional discounts.
  • The cancellation of an order implies the loss of the balance generated in that purchase.
  • On a full-order return, the amount to be refunded will be the amount paid by the customer.