Clear Plastic Sheet - 0.3mm thick

Flexible plastic sheet with multiple uses for packaging, scrapbooking and crafts. Perfect for box and card making, as well as for designing hanging mobiles.

  • Made of clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with a 0,3 mm thickness and gloss finish.
  • Printable with UV, latex and eco-solvent inks.
  • Suitable for perforation and cutting.

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Clear Plastic Sheet - 70x100cm Ref. 039450
Clear Plastic Sheet - 70x100cm
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Clear Plastic Sheet - 35x50cm - Pack of 4 units Ref. 040377
€2.49 VAT not included / Each Unit
Availability Immediate: 1 units
Clear Plastic Sheet - 25x35cm - Pack of 8 units Ref. 040378
€2.49 VAT not included / Each Unit
Availability Immediate: 141 units
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More information about the 0.3-millimetre clear plastic sheet

  • Great addition to craft and DIY projects. Useful for making pendants, posters, covers, calendars, and many more. It is also suitable for the manufacturing of protective items such as anti-contagion screens or face shields.
  • Food grade.
  • Suitable for CO2 laser cutting. It can also be cut using scissors, a cutter or a vinyl cutter.
  • Easy to stick with adhesive tape, Velcro or glue to any material such as paper, cardboard, cardstock, fabric, wood, and more.
  • It can be printed on with oil and acrylic paint.
  • Mouldable and smooth, non-porous surface. Perfect for transparencies.
  • Customisable with printable vinyl and transfer paper that doesn’t require heat transfer like Washaffix or waterslide decals.
  • Material similar to acetate, but with better properties. Eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • Resistant to fire and chemicals. This product generates a low amount of non-toxic smoke.


  • You can use this sheet to make light boxes using Washaffix paper.
  • Create bracelets with figures, shapes, or any design you like. Print the design on the sheet. Make a hole at the top and use a metal ring, or insert it into a link or any other jewellery accessory to create a personal and unique item.
  • Craft boxes or holders for placing accessories. Cut the sheets to the size you want, and glue them together with double-sided tape or glue to form the structure. You can cut a slightly longer sheet to make a handle. When using double-sided tape, glue a piece of fabric, crepe paper, pearls, or anything else you like on the outside of the tape. Your holder is now ready.
  • Design your own money box. You can make it in the shape of a small pig by cutting out and glueing two ears. Using bottle caps, you can add legs and a snout. Paint the eyes with a felt-tip pen and a nose on the bottle cap. You can also make a money box in the shape of a cat by cutting one of the larger sheets to form the shape of two triangles for the ears.


Reference nº Sheet Sale unit
039450 70 x 100 cm 1 sheet
040377 30 x 50 cm 4-sheet pack
040378 25 x 35 cm 8-sheet pack
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