Double Sided Hot Melt Adhesive Film for Textile Fabric

Double-sided heat adhesive film especially useful for sewing and embroidery. Perfect for turning patches or appliqués into hotmelt adhesives, and for seamless hemming. 

  • Made of PET with silicone adhesive, suitable for cotton, polyester and their blends
  • Available in 2 formats: lanyard and film, in 60 μ (50 g/m2) and 150 μ (140 g/m2) thickness
  • Sales units: 1 m, 5 m, 25 m and 91 m rolls with a width of 2,5 cm, 5 cm and 47 cm

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More information about the double-sided hot melt adhesive film for textile fabric

  • Replaces stitching with an adhesive, making it a perfect solution for hemming and joining fabric without sewing: curtain hems, decorative appliqués with trimmings, embroidery on cuffs, collars or pockets, appliqué bonding and more
  • Heat-activated adhesive on both sides. Allows you to convert motifs such as patches and embroidered or printed badges and emblems into stickers that can be easily applied to textile garments such as elbow or knee pads, bags or caps
  • Ribbon format tape very useful for merchandising, leather goods, tailors, dressmakers, etc
  • It is placed on the garment and creates a permanent bond by applying heat using a heat press or domestic iron
  • Available in 2 thicknesses. You can choose the one that best suits the stiffness you want for the embroidered motif to be applied
  • Hotmelt film designed for adding motifs or embellishments to garments with no sewing machine
  • The tapes come wound on a cardboard core of Ø7.5 cm, very useful for placing on roll holders
  • In Related Products you will find additional lanyard and films for different embroidery uses


  • Create side strips for garments. Apply the hotmelt film on a personalised tape (Ref.921021) to create your own clothing brand
  • Make labels to mark and identify clothes


  • Applies on cotton, polyester and their blends. For synthetic fabrics like lycra, nylon or polyamide, we recommend testing
  • Follow the garment’s parameters to wash and iron the film
  • To bond it, iron below 150ºC to avoid sublimation

Recommended application parameters with a heat press (*)

  • Lay the hot-melt adhesive film with the shiny white side down where you want to bond
  • Iron at 120ºC for 10 seconds
  • If you want to stick fabric on top of the applied adhesive, remove the backing and iron with the same parameters as above

(*) We recommend carrying out tests to establish the parameters that best suit the fabric used.

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