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Sublimation Plastic Film - 80cm - Linear Metre


Flexible and translucent film you can personalise using dye sublimation printing. Suitable for creating decorative elements or advertising signs with contrast or backlight illumination.

  • Made of 200 µ thickness white PET.
  • Matte finish on one side and glossy on the other.
  • Sale unit: 80 m width linear metre.

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More information about the 80cm linear metre plastic film for sublimation

  • Made of polyester with a white coating, printable on the film’s matte side.
  • Ideal for table or hanging lampshades sublimation. Perfect for designing lightboxes with personalised messages or glowing lettering.
  • Affordable solution for the production of posters or backlit displays for shops or advertising on canopies or muppies.
  • When the light falls on one side of the sheet, it intensifies the colours on the other side, creating a perfect effect to set the ambience of a space.


  • Create a backlit cylindrical candle holder by printing silhouettes or cutting them out of the film.
  • Combine sublimation with self-adhesive vinyl to give it a more special velvety or glittery finish.


Width 80 cm
Thickness 200 μ
Weight 227 g
Metres 20 m
Width 80 cm
Weight 4.5 kg


  • Please note that returns are only accepted for purchases over 5 metres.
  • For orders over 5 metres, we cannot guarantee delivery in a single piece.

Recommended instructions and parameters for sublimation printing

  • Print the design in mirror image.
  • Preheat the press to 190°C
  • Place the film on the press' lower platen and the paper's printed side against the sheet’s matte side.
  • Press for 60 seconds, medium pressure.
  • Remove the newly printed film using a protective glove.
  • Carefully peel off the paper.


More Information
Ref. 039203
Net Weight (kg) 0.227
Billable Weight (kg) 0.2500
Dimensions (mm) 1 m x 80 cm
Thickness (mm) 0.2
Colour White
Surface material Plastic
Items Sheets, Tape measures
Marking techniques Transfer paper, Dye sublimation, Self-adhesive vinyl
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