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Sublimation Playing Cards - Double Blank - A4 sheet with 9 units


Playing cards for tabletop games you can personalise on both sides using dye sublimation printing. Perfect for making football cards, as well as cards for didactic, memory and matching games.

  • Made of white cardboard with gloss finish. Rectangular with rounded edges.
  • A4 jig included with 9 pre-cut cards for easy sublimation.
  • Print area (per side): 6.3 x 8.2 cm

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How to sublimate these playing cards?

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More information about double blank playing cards for sublimation

  • Perfect for playing at family gatherings, with friends or colleagues, at birthday parties, and more.
  • Great for creating all kinds of games with playing cards such as memory and matching games, flashcards, and more.
  • Ideal size for card collections (football, pokémons, . . . ).
  • Very useful as ID and business cards.
  • These playing cards come with a jig that will help you personalise them. It will allow you to print the 9 cards on one side at a time.
  • Customisable on both sides and their entire surface area.


  • Make pairs with photos of your trips and relive them while playing with the family
  • You can also personalise them with drawings and words in English, Spanish or whichever language you teach to help the little ones learn.
  • Be the star of your own deck of cards. Use your imagination to design your cards at will and turn yourself into a King, a Queen or a Jack.



6.3 x 8.2 cm
Jig 21 x 29.5 cm
0.33 mm
Print area (per side)
6.3 x 8.2 cm
25 g

Recommended instructions and parameters for sublimation printing

  • Print the design in mirror image.
  • Preheat the press to 190ºC.
  • Place the jig with the cards on the press' lower plate and the paper's printed side against it. Fix them with heat-resistant tape.
  • Close the press at medium pressure for 50-60 seconds
  • Using a protective glove, remove the jig with the newly printed cards.
  • Remove the paper carefully.
More Information
Ref. 041183
Gross Weight (kg) 0.025
Billable Weight 0.0280
Dimensions (mm) 63 x 82 (cartas), 210 x 295 (horma)
Print area (mm) 63 x 82 (por cara)
Thickness (mm) 0.33
Colour White
Surface material Cardboard
Items Games, Card
Marking techniques Dye sublimation, Self-adhesive vinyl, Transfer paper, Transfer sheets
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