Plastisol Inks

As part of the screen printing ink range, we have plastisol inks which can be found in this category in a wide variety of colours.

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7 Items


Screen printing plastisol inks

In screen printing, plastisol inks are the maximum representation of solvent ink. We provide them to our customers, in addition to water-based inks, so that they can personalise textile garments with this technique.

Screen printing plastisol inks are known for their versatility, as they can be applied on different substrates with good results.

Another feature to consider about this type of screen printing inks is that they provide good coverage and high definition of the design on the garment.

In this category, you will find standard, four-colour (CMYK), metallic, and neon coloured inks for screen printing and all types of garments.

On the other hand, you can use the foil adhesive underbase to transfer foil to a garment and the flock adhesive underbase to do the same with flock. You can also get the antimigration underbase, which is mainly used on polyester garments to prevent colour migration from the fabric from affecting the design to be printed. Learn more about how to use these underbases in their product sheet.

We also provide screen printing plastisol bases for textures and special effects, such as reflective, puff, elastic or even glitter bases, so that you can add glitter, among other effects, to your personalisation projects. Discover them all!

All of these screen printing inks and bases are phthalate-free, which is very important for the health of those who will be working with the inks on a daily basis.

Unlike water-based inks, plastisols won’t dry in their container or on the screen. This is why you need equipment such as screen printing tunnel dryers to help the ink dry faster, thanks to the high temperatures provided by this type of machinery.