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Plastisol ink for textile screen printing.

It requires heat drying so it never clogs the mesh.

  • Viscous paste made of PVC resin, diluted in liquid plasticiser
  • High coverage power
  • Phthalate-free
  • Sale unit: 1 and 10 kg tubs

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  • Textile ink with high elasticity, durability, and fastness to water
  • It does not air dry, it needs to be cured. This avoids the problem of the base drying on the screen and clogging the pores. Perfect for long production runs with breaks or periods of inactivity
  • Low cure white plastisol ink (Ref. 040388 and Ref. 040215) indicated for printing garments sensitive to high temperatures or with migration problems: natural, synthetic and other fabrics
  • The white plastisol ink for mixing (Ref. 040389 and Ref 040214) is an opaque base indicated for mixing with other plastisol colours to obtain new ones. It has an elastic and soft touch
  • It comes ready to use without the need for additional products. Just stir with a spatula and apply with a Shore 70-75A squeegee
  • Instead of soaking it, it covers the fabric and gives it an embossed feeling
  • High opacity and soft touch
  • Suitable for meshes from 46 to 120 threads/cm, enabling high-resolution designs and smaller details
  • Excellent wash fastness
  • Manufactured in Turkey in cooperation with Brildor


  • Plastisol is a solvent ink characterised by its viscosity. The consistency may need to be modified depending on the type of screen printing to be carried out. This is why we recommend mixing the ink with thinner, which you will find in our Related Products (Ref. 944057)
  • Although they provide good coverage, we recommend printing the colours on top of a white underbase when working with dark garments. This way, the colour of the t-shirt won’t interfere with the print
  • When printing in multiple layers, you will need to heat the ink to fix it between each process
  • The more ink you use, the longer it will take to fuse
  • A semi-cured ink layer feels dry to the touch. If the fusion is incomplete, the ink will crack and come off when you wash the garment


  • Use a manual or automatic carousel to make it easier to print several layers


  • Can be cured with an iron, flash unit or oven
  • Place paper or Teflon over the design. You will find it in Related Products
  • Heat at 160ºC for 90 seconds
  • In the case of low cure white plastisol, use a maximum temperature of 130ºC for 10-15 seconds (Ref. 040388 and Ref. 040215)




Ø11.2 x 14.5
Ø27 x 27
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