Find in this section the screen printing inks you need to personalise textiles, whether they are plastisol or water-based screen printing inks.

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21 Items


Screen printing inks

Not just any ink will do to screenprint on T-shirts, and you will have to get screen printing inks if you want to start printing. You can work with two different ink types: water-based and plastisol inks.

Before you start using the inks, you must prepare the transparency film, coat the screen and expose it. If you’ve already finished these three steps, grab a squeegee and start printing with the screen printing inks that suit you best.


Water-based screen printing inks are known for being more environmentally friendly. Among these types of inks, you can find clear and opaque binders.

In addition to these two types of water-based inks, you can also get additives and underbases to improve your print’s printing and finish.

These water-based inks for screen printing penetrate the fabric for a smoother finish without creating any plastic feeling.


Plastisol inks are solvent inks known for their versatility when applied onto different substrates. They also have good coverage and can print designs in high definition.

Choose from a wide range of colours, from the most basic to four-colour and neon colours, to make unique and original T-shirts. You can also customise with textures and special effects on any fabric, thanks to a dedicated underbase.

Our screen printing inks, both water-based and plastisol inks, are of the highest quality because we want to offer you the best products for your personalisations and, therefore, help you please your customers.