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Pneumatic Heat Press - Brildor XH-B5

Automatic heat press for printing medium and large format hard and textile surfaces.

  • Automatic closing and opening by pneumatic action
  • Slide-out drawer
  • Lower platen dimensions: 80 x 60 cm (Ref. 038637) and 100 x 80 cm (Ref. 041295)

Compressor required (not included).

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80 x 60 cm Ref: 038637
Pneumatic Heat Press Brildor XH-B5 80x60cm
€2,395.00 VAT not included / Each Unit
Availability Immediate: 3 units
100 x 80 cm Ref: 041295
Pneumatic Heat Press Brildor XH-B5 100x80cm - Red
€2,495.00 VAT not included / Each Unit
Availability Immediate: 4 units
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VAT not included
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More information about the Brildor XH-B5 pneumatic heat press



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> Things to keep in mind

> Controller

> Technical details

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  • Auto-off feature by pressing the 2 buttons on the side
  • Control panel to set temperature and time
  • Lower platen with silicone pad for even pressure and temperature distribution
  • Adjustable pressure by pressure gauge
  • Emergency stop button on the front
  • Certifications: EMC, MD, Rohs CE marking




  • The colour varies according to the size of the press: blue for 80 x 60 cm (Ref. 038637) and red for 100 x 80 cm (Ref. 041295)
  • Plug not included. If you have a three-phase installation we recommend a 5-pin male plug, or "Mennekes", assuming that your installation has the corresponding female socket
  • If you want to adapt the three-phase machine to a single-phase installation you will need additional components to make the connection. You could use a frequency converter. Brildor recommends a professional electrician to carry out any adaptation of this type




Instructions of use IT940N control panel(.pdf - 0.41 MB)




Reference no
038637 041295
Press model
Brildor XH-B5 Brildor XH-B5
Press type
Pneumatic Pneumatic
Lower platen type
Slide-out Slide-out
Two-phase Three-phase
Air operated Air operated
LCD digital display IT940N LCD digital display IT940N
Lower platen dimensions
80 x 60 cm 100 x 80 cm
No. of handles lower platen
1 2
Max. material thickness 6 cm 6 cm
Mat thickness 4 cm 4 cm
Max. pressure
1 Tn 1 Tn
220 V/240 V 380 V
Power 3500 W 8000 W
0 - 120 min 0 - 120 min
Temperature range
0-232ºC 0-250ºC
Temperature accuracy
± 5ºC ± 1ºC




Reference no.
038637 041295
Press with slide-out drawer
80 x 90 x 118 cm 105 x 100 x 136 cm
Packaging 108 x 113 x 135 cm 117 x 115 x 108 cm
Net weight
300 kg 320 kg
Gross weight
320 kg 360 kg
More Information
Ref. 943414
Brand Brildor
Pressure regulation Gauge
Opening Pneumatic
Closing Pneumatic
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