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Cricut Explore 3 - Vinyl Cutter


Cricut Explore 3 vinyl cutter with extensive features for scoring, cutting, writing, and decorating with greater speed and precision than its predecessor.

  • Made of high-quality materials with a stable, strong and compact matte mint structure.
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials, from paper and cardstock to cork and fabric.
  • Maximum cutting width: 33 cm
  • Max. media thickness: 2 mm
  • Cutting force: 400 g

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€272.72 VAT not included / Each Unit

More information about the Cricut Explore 3 vinyl cutter

  • Useful in scrapbooking and crafts: perfect for foiling, making personalised transfers for textiles, designs for banners or posters, invitation cards and more.
  • Compatible materials: cuts almost any type of material, from fabrics to cardstock, vinyl, cork, and many more.
  • Great cutting length: suitable for cutting materials up to 3.6 m long.
  • Cutting mat: compatible with 30.5 cm-metre-wide Cricut cutting mats. You will find them in Related Products.
  • Detection sensors: used to detect the material, align it easily, and make sure there is enough of it.
  • Extensive creative possibilities: score, cut, write and decorate.
  • Multiple working tools: Premium fine-point blade (included), deep-point blade, bonded-fabric blade, Scoring Stylus, foil transfer tool and pens.
  • Online projects: 100 ready-to-make projects to work on online for free.


  • Easy to use: does not require any prior experience.
  • Connectivity: USB port and Bluetooth Wireless connectivity to connect the machine to the computer, phone or tablet.
  • Automatic opening: it opens by pressing the button located on the left.
  • Manual closing: You must first close the lower opening and then the top lid.
  • Control panel: top panel with 4 buttons: on/off, load/unload, play and pause. Media settings are selected using the Design Space® application.
  • Alignment guides: located on the bottom door in order to insert the cutting mat and keep the materials aligned during the making process.
  • Holder for mobile devices: slot located on the top to hold your phone or tablet for instant project tracking.
  • Dual carriage: it allows you to work with two different tools at once:
    • Carriage A: for pens or marking tools.
    • Carriage B: designed for cutting blades.
  • Double tool holder: with two cups for organising spatulas, hooks, tweezers, scissors, and more.
  • Storage compartment in the lower opening: 2 built-in compartments with push opening and magnetic closure. Especially useful for storing blades, blade housings, pens, or scoring tools.
  • Cricut Design Space software: completely free, Windows®, iOS, Mac® y Android supported.  Also available for smartphones and tablets.


Cricut Explore 3 machine 1
Premium fine-point blade 1
Blade Housing 1
USB cord 1
Power adapter with machine cable connection 1
EU power cable with adapter connector 1
UK power cable with adapter connector 1
Cricut AccessTM free trial subscription (for new subscribers) 1
Ready-to-make projects online 100
Materials to start your project 5
Welcome card with instructions for use and safety, warranty and a self-adhesive vinyl sheet 1


Max. cutting width 33 cm
Max. cutting length 3.6 m
Max. media thickness 2 mm
Cutting force 400 g
100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Amperage 1.6 A


Vinyl cutter 54.5 x 15 x 15 cm
Open machine 54.5 x 26 x 25.5 cm
Packaging 63 x 26.3 x 25 cm
Weight 5.06 kg
Packaging weight 8.1 kg



We will not accept any returns for this machine if its serial number has been registered or if its software has been downloaded from the manufacturer's website. The reason is that, after registration, the machine gets permanently and irreversibly linked to the customer.

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Ref. 041076
EAN 0093573938313
Net Weight (kg) 8.10
Gross Weight (kg) 8.91
Billable Weight (kg) 10.3600
Max. cutting width (mm) 330
Max. cutting force (g) 400
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