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Cord locks for face masks - Pack of 30 units

Ref. 039727

Cord locks for face masks

  • Cord locks for face masks - Placed on the mask
  • Cord locks for face masks - Flexibility
  • Cord locks for face masks - Top and bottom parts
  • Cord locks for face masks - Placement instructions

Cord locks for face masks - Pack of 30 units

Ref. 039727

A face mask adjuster to adapt the mask to the size of the face, and prevent it from falling.

  • Made of white silicone.
  • Cylindrical shape with a thread-like grooved surface.
  • Sale unit: 30-cord-lock pack.

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Cord locks for face masks - Pack of 30 units Description

More information about face mask cord locks

  • Perfect as a gift complementary to face masks.
  • Keeps the mask on the face, preventing it from moving.
  • With a hole at each end, one larger than the other, through which the ear loops will be inserted.
  • Flexible, easy to adjust.
  • To put it on, it is not necessary to cut or unsew the ear loops from the mask.
  • Presented in a reclosable plastic bag.


  • Thread a needle and insert it through the small hole in the adjuster.
  • Circle the ear loop with the needle and pass it through the hole in the opposite direction.
  • Pull carefully.
  • Once the ear loop passes to the other side, remove the needle and adjust it to the size you want.


Cord lock
0.9 x 0.5 x 0.6 cm
Small hole Ø2 mm
Large hole
Ø4 mm
6 x 7.5 cm
0.05 g
Pack weight
0.6 g

Additional Information

Reference nº 039 727
Net Weight (kg) 0.05
Gross Weight (kg) 0.06
Billable Weight 0.0660
Dimensions (mm) 9 x 5
Thickness (mm) 6.4
Colour White
Surface material Plastic, Silicone

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