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Clear Water-Based Binder for Screen Printing - Sumiprint - Acuaprint 120EF/SUBA65


Sumiprint clear water-based binder for screen printing. Suitable for mixing with water-based inks to create a semi-opaque ink with enough fluidity to be used with meshes up to 120 threads per centimetre. 

  • Clear water-based binder for pigmentations with aqueous inks.
  • Suitable for 100% cotton fabrics and cotton-polyester blends.
  • Free of organic solvents, APEOs, phthalates and heavy metals.

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More information about the clear water-based binder from Sumiprint (Acuaprint 120EF/SUBA65)

  • Highly slowed drying speed. Prevents clogging on tight meshes (e.g. 90-120 threads per centimetre).
  • Textile binder for mixing with water-based inks to achieve intense colours. Perfect for personalising light or dark garments with a white under base.
  • Suitable for long runs.
  • It comes ready to use without the need for additional products. Just mix with the ink and apply with a Shore 60-65A squeegee.
  • Air dries.
  • Suitable for meshes between 43 and 120 threads per centimetre.
  • Soft hand. It blends directly into the fabric and feels as if it’s a part of it.
  • Excellent fastness.
  • Free of hazardous and/or regulated substances: organic solvents, APEOs (Alkylphenol Ethoxylates), phthalates and heavy metals.


  • We recommend mixing in a ratio of 80% Cubriprint and 20% Acuaprint. However, you can vary the ratio depending on the result you wish to achieve.
  • Before thermofixing, it must be thoroughly pre-dried to avoid a glossy or tacky finish.
  • Pigment with the desired colour and apply a two or three-pass coat, pre-dry and cure.


  • Store in a cool place, with a temperature below 35 ºC, away from direct or indirect heat sources.
  • Keep the container closed.


1 kg
Container Ø13 x 13 cm
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Ref. 031139
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Billable Weight (kg) 1.2750
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