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Sublimation Oven - iSmart - 40L


A sublimation oven specially designed for personalisation using dye sublimation printing. Use it to sublimate small and medium-sized objects with different shapes, even irregular ones that can withstand up to 230ºC

  • Compact with a large inner cavity, enough to print up to 8 mugs (11 oz) at once.
  • With 6 heating tubes and a fan that distributes heat evenly, ensuring better print quality.
  • Includes two metal trays to insert the objects in the oven.

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€299.00 VAT not included / Each Unit
VAT not included
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More information about the iSmart sublimation oven (40 l)

  • Suitable for items up to 18 cm tall.
  • Simple to use and extremely useful. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport.
  • With a powerful heating element, capable of heating the oven in a short time.
  • It has a tempered glass window with double glazing, through which you can easily see the products.
  • Digital control panel for time and temperature.
  • Smart sensor to detect temperature change and readjust automatically.
  • Precise and reliable temperature control. It has an alarm that indicates the end of the programmed sublimation time.
  • We recommend leaving the air running between processes to help maintain oven temperature and reduce work time.


Temperature range 60 - 230ºC
Time range 1 - 120 min
Power 1600 W + 400 W (2000 W)
Voltage AC 220 V/50 Hz
Max. height 18 cm (vertically)
Outer dimensions 46 x 40 x 43 cm
Inner dimensions 39 x 25 x 31 cm
Packaging dimensions 56.5 x 53.5 x 48 cm
Tray dimensions 390 x 290 x 5 mm
Net weight 11.2 kg

Instructions for the use of the iSmart sublimation oven (40 l)


  • Start/Stop: press to turn the oven ON or OFF.
  • Upper tube: press to turn ON the upper heating tubes.
  • Lower tube: press to turn ON the lower heating tubes.
  • Low temp/Dry: press to turn ON the low-temperature heating mode.
  • Hot air: press to turn ON or OFF the flow of hot air inside.
  • Light: press to turn the oven light ON or OFF.
  • Turn the “Upper/Lower tube” and “Start/Stop” buttons to set the temperature and printing time, respectively.


  • Press the “Start/Stop” button to turn ON the oven.
  • Press the “Hot air” button to turn ON the inner fan.
  • Turn the “Upper tube/Lower tube” button to adjust the sublimation time.
  • Roll the “Start/ Stop” button to adjust the temperature.
  • Press the “Start/ Stop” button again for the oven to start heating up.
  • Once the oven reaches the set temperature, the timer will start counting.
  • You will hear a beep when the oven finishes the sublimation process.
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Ref. 038784
Net Weight (kg) 11.2
Gross Weight (kg) 15.3
Billable Weight 36.2700
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