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Sublimation Oven - Gigant


A Gigant convection or hot air oven, specially designed for personalisation using sublimation printing.

  • Excellent quality and maximum performance.
  • Allows you to sublimate rigid objects of different shapes, sizes and materials.
  • Digital display for temperature and time control.
  • Tray dimensions: 46.5 x 16 x 50 cm

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More information about the Gigant oven for sublimation

  • Personalise all types of rigid objects suitable for sublimation printing. In other words, they must be polyester coated and able to withstand high temperatures.
  • Perfect for sublimating ceramic mugs or tiles, crystal glasses or steins, aluminium bottles, etc.
  • Large-capacity tray. Up to 20 standard 11oz mugs can be placed inside.
  • Click here to download the Gigant oven Instruction Manual.


Maximum power 2400 W
Electric connection
220-240 V / 50 Hz
Electric fuse 12 A
Temperature range 0 - 200º C
Time range 1 s - 99 min 59 s
Tray dimensions 46,50 x 16 x 50 cm
Inner dimensions
47 x 25 x 55 cm
Outer dimensions 59 x 50 x 72 cm
Net weight
35 kg


  • Although the oven tray holds 20 mugs of 11oz capacity, it is best not to sublimate more than 15 at a time to ensure better results.
  • To ensure the transfer is optimal, it is necessary to use wraps made for this purpose, or prepare them with silicone sheets or heat shrink bags.
  • Generally, the manufacturers of the sublimation items indicate the temperature and time parameters to be programmed. However, before printing a new item, it is convenient to perform tests to adjust these settings. Values may vary depending on many factors: the type of sublimation paper used, available wraps, environmental conditions, etc.
  • The average time of each sublimation cycle is between 15 and 17 minutes, depending on the number and type of objects placed in the tray.
  • When handling the oven when it is functioning, it is advisable to wear protective gloves. This will prevent burns when removing the tray and releasing the wraps.
  • You may also acquire additional trays. They are available in Related Products and are very useful to increase production while saving time. While a tray is in the oven, other trays can be prepared to insert them immediately afterwards.

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Ref. 000714
Gross Weight (kg) 0.0740
Billable Weight (kg) 38.5000
Brand Mug
Power (W) 2400
Opening Manual
Closing Manual
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