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Badge Making Machine - Pneumatic


Compressed-air machine for badge personalisation. It makes the badge assembly process more comfortable, taking away any manual effort needed with conventional machines.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Requires a compressor with basic technical specifications, like those you will find in Related Products
  • Uses interchangeable moulds for different sheet formats to be purchased separately

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€795.00 VAT not included / Each Unit
VAT not included
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  • Sturdy high-quality steel structure
  • Piston that automatically fits the top of the mould with parts A and B during the badge personalisation process
  • Comfortable device that activates the piston when the user presses the pedal with its foot or hand
  • Pedal with a strong metal base and a non-slip mat on the front
  • Safety front cover made of translucent methacrylate. It prevents accidental user contact with the functioning piston, without impairing visibility
  • The piston action time on the badge is adjustable. This makes it possible to control the machine's working speed
  • Due to its size, it can be placed on any flat surface. It does not need a specific space reserved for its use
  • Includes 1 plastic tube to carry compressed air from the compressor to the machine's pressure gauge. In Related Products, you will find connectors to attach the tube to the compressor
  • Served in a sturdy wooden box
  • Uses exchangeable moulds for different badge formats that must be purchased separately. In Related Products with the exception of the following: round shape Ø100mm (Ref. 032718), rectangular shape 50x90mm (Ref. 036096) and shield shape 50x70mm (Ref. 037598)
  • If you already have the moulds from our EVOLUTION sheet metal machine, you can also use them with the pneumatic machine with the exception of the above mentioned




  • 1 pneumatic badge machine (without moulds)
  • 1 plastic tube for compressed air (without connector)
  • 3 hex keys of different sizes
  • 1 CD with installation and use instructions (in English)




Pneumatic machine (cm) 27.50 x 40.50 x 51
Plastic tube (mm | m) Ø8 x 5
Packing box (cm) 53 x 64 x 36
Net weight (machine only) (kg) 20.20
Gross weight (with packaging) (kg) 33




Electrical power

110/22O V - 50/60 HZ

Pressure range

1˜9 kgf/cm3

Compressor power requirement

>0.50 HP





  • Fit one end of the plastic tube with a connector and then connect it to the compressor
  • Connect the other end of the tube to the pressure gauge on the compressor machine
  • Lower the valve and regulate the pressure by moving it to the left or right until the desired level is reached. The following table sets guide pressure levels according to the size of the sheet metal you wish to customise:
Plate size (mm) 75 50/56/58 44/37 32/25
Pressure(kg/cm2) 6≈8 5,5≈6 4,5≈5,5 3≈4,5



  • Insert the top of the mould into the machine. You must match the fixing pin to the hole with the machine. You will feel it suck in and immobilise it
  • Place part A of the mould on the slot A of the base mobile phone of the machine. The letter of the mould should be facing the front
  • Place part B of the mould on the slot B of the base mobile phone of the machine. The letter of the mould should be facing the front
  • Note that the pins of parts A and B are aligned with the hole of the mould upper part where it will be inserted when the piston is actuated



  • Connect the machine to the socket
  • Turn on the compressor
  • Turn on the machine using the ON/OFF switch on the top of the compressor. machine
  • Adjust the time for the plunger to act on the plate. Use 2-3 seconds to start with and then increase or decrease this amount until you set the time that suits you best. On the regulator of the machine 2-3 seconds is displayed as 20-30 seconds
  • Press the device to actuate the piston. Verify that the pins of the A and B parts of the mould are inserted into the hole correct mould upper part. You will observe that the plunger is lowered sufficiently until the mould upper one is fully inserted into the lower one
  • It is advisable to make tests previous with the type of sheet metal to be customised to check that the plunger is machine does its job in the desired way



  • Choose the mould according to the shape and size of the badges badges you want to personalise
  • Print and cut out the design you have chosen to personalise the badges. Use a circular cutter, a punch die cutter or a plotter to ensure that the cut is clean and precise. It is advisable to use templates to make this process easier
  • Place the front side of the sheet metal on the mould A with the edge sharp side down
  • Place on the front plate the design and the sheet protector clear
  • Slide the base until the upper mould top is aligned with the mould A. Press down on the device to actuate the plunger of the machine
  • Position the back plate of the plate (pin, magnet, bottle opener, ...) on the mould B with the edge with the taper facing upwards
  • Incorporate the washers into the back plate, only in the case of moulds that supply them
  • Slide the base of the machine until the mould upper part coincides with the mould B. Press down on the device to actuate the plunger of the machine
  • Slide the base of the machine and pull out the already personalised plate




  • Keep the machine out of the reach of children
  • Before installing or uninstalling the moulds, make sure the power is off. machine is switched off
  • Never place your fingers between the mould Never place your fingers between the upper and lower plunger when working. This could accidentally actuate the plunger
  • When you need to change the upper part of the mouldpull it downwards. Be careful with your fingers as it could fall on you
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Ref. 038068
Net Weight (kg) 22.2000
Gross Weight (kg) 33.0000
Billable Weight (kg) 36.3000
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