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Universal HTV Transfer Tape - Brildor - 30.4cm x 1m roll


Universal transfer tape (application tape) for heat transfer vinyl. Perfect for transferring pre-cut vinyl to the target surface.

  • Transparent polyester film with a highly resistant, medium grip acrylate adhesive.
  • It allows you to transfer letters, logos and single designs with ease.
  • Sale unit: 30.4 cm x 1 m roll.

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More information about the Brildor universal transfer tape for heat transfer vinyl

  • Excellent transparency that gives you visibility at all times in order to place it correctly on the target surface.
  • Its grip and format have turned it into an essential accessory for your Print & Cut projects.
  • With two layers: (1) the transfer tape, which is the matt, opaque white side; and (2) the adhesive, which is transparent (glossy side).
  • The transfer tape is suitable for the transfer of heat-resistant materials.
  • Removing the adhesive will not leave any residue even after a long time.


Material Clear polyester
Backing White polypropylene silicone
Adhesive Acrylic
Thickness 0.12 mm ±5%
Grip 0.50 N/cm ±10%


    • When using the transfer tape with sublimation vinyl, remember that its polyester composition could transfer the print and contaminate it. To avoid this, we recommend pressing it for a short amount of time, removing the transfer tape from the vinyl, and finishing the transfer by pressing it again.
    • Unfold the transfer tape over the already pre-cut and weeded vinyl.
    • Stick the transfer tape to the vinyl, starting from the centre outwards, to avoid wrinkles.
    • Press down on the vinyl with a squeegee so that it sticks to the transfer tape.
    • Separate the vinyl from its liner to expose its fusible side.
    • It is now ready to be applied using a heat press.
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