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Sublimation Pet Frisbee


Flying disc for pets with fabric in the middle you can personalise on both sides using dye sublimation printing.

  • Made of 100% polyester fabric and strong black cotton rope as a hoop.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Print area (per side): 14 x 11 cm

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More information about the pet frisbee for sublimation

  • Ideal for playing with your dog by throwing it to him in the garden, in the park or on the beach. As well as fetch training.
  • Suitable as a chew toy when resting at home and for playing tug-of-war.
  • Perfect as a promotional gift for dog events and veterinary clinics.
  • Strong and hard-wearing twisted cotton rope Pets can pull and jerk without any problems due to the thickness of the ring.
  • Made of soft materials that do not damage the teeth and gums of the animals when they catch the frisbee in the air.
  • Contributes to the animal's oral hygiene. When chewing on the rope, the cotton threads slide between the tooth spaces cleaning them.
  • The fabric in the middle of it can be personalised on both sides.
  • Lightweight and small size frisbee you can take anywhere and play with cats or dogs.
  • It can also be personalised with other techniques such as embroidery, rhinestones, transfer, HTV or screen printing.


  • It comes with the customisable fabric inserted into the frisbee ring. Cannot be removed. It is therefore recommended that the heat transfer is done with a hand iron. It can also be personalised with a plate or cap heat press machine.


  • Personalise it with your pet's name or photo to identify it at the park, training sessions or competitions.


Ø20 x 1.4 cm
Print area (per side)
 14 x 11 cm
78 g

Recommended instructions and parameters for sublimation printing

  • Print the design in mirror image.
  • Preheat the press to 200ºC
  • Place the fabric on the press' lower platen and the paper's printed side against it.
  • Press for 25-30 seconds, medium-heavy pressure.
  • Remove the newly printed fabric using a protective glove.
  • Carefully remove the paper.
  • Repeat the same process to personalisation the other side of the fabric.
More Information
Ref. 030828
Gross Weight (kg) 0.078
Billable Weight 0.0800
Dimensions (mm) Ø200
Print area (mm) 140 x 110
Thickness (mm) 14
Colour White, Black
Surface material Tissue
Items Items for pets, Games
Composition 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester
Marking techniques Embroidery, Transfer sheets, Transfer paper, Rhinestones, Screen printing, Dye sublimation, HTV
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