Mosquito Repellent TPU Filafly Filament

High-quality scented Filafly® filament by Soorim with mosquito-repellent properties for 3D printing. It contains natural citronella additives that repel flying insects and emanate a pleasant lemony aroma.

  • Made of yellow thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
  • Thickness: Ø1.75 mm
  • Hardness: 90 A
  • Sale units: 250 g and 750 g spools

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Mosquito Repellent TPU Filament - Spool of 250g Ref: 040090
Mosquito Repellent TPU Filament - Spool of 250g
€12.95 VAT not included / Each Unit
Availability Immediate: 12 units
Mosquito Repellent TPU Filament - Spool of 750g Ref: 041360
Mosquito Repellent TPU Filament - Spool of 750g
€39.90 VAT not included / Each Unit
Availability Immediate: 2 units
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More information about the mosquito repellent TPU Filafly filament

  • Ideal for creating all kinds of 3D items that will act as a repellent for flying insects.
  • Perfect for printing bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, watch straps, coasters, hiking accessories, and many more.
  • Gives off an intense citronella scent and will maintain its mosquito-repellent properties for up to 2 years if the item is kept indoors.
  • Its semi-rigid structure makes it easier to extrude and print flexible objects that are pleasant to the touch.
  • Similar to PLA filaments in extrusion temperatures, but with a higher compressive and tensile strength.
  • Suitable for 3D printers with direct or Bowden extrusion systems.
  • 100% recyclable material, non-toxic, with food-grade certification. You may use it for pet or children's toys that may come into contact with the mouth.
  • Delivered in a cardboard box, vacuum packed and wound on clear plastic spools to preserve its fragrance.


  • TPU is a material prone to absorbing moisture. When this happens, the filament can make bubbles or creaks when printing. 
  • To remove moisture, you can use any of the following strategies:
    • Leave the filament in a closed room with a dehumidifier for 24 hours
    • Place the filament in an oven for 2 hours at 60 °C



Thickness Ø1.75 mm
Tolerance ±0.03 mm
Print temperature 215-235ºC
Print speed 20-70 mm/s
Hot bed temperature 0-40ºC
Layer height 0.2 mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4/0.6 mm
Retraction settings Bowden: 3.5 - 6.5 mm
Direct: 0.9 - 1.2 mm

(*) Guide values. We recommend experimenting with your 3D printer to find the appropriate parameters.


Reference no. 040090 041360
Spool Ø14 x 4.2 cm Ø20 x 5.5 cm
Filament weight 250 g 750 g
Spool + filament weight 390 g 1.085 kg
Presentation box 16 x 6 x 16 cm 22 x 6.7 x 21 cm
Box weight 450 g 1.160 kg


  • Filaments tend to absorb moisture from the environment, leading to problems during printing or finishing touches. For this reason, it is important to keep the relative humidity value between 10-15%
  • Moisture may cause the filament to degrade, clogging the extruder and varying its physical and mechanical properties.
  • To keep the filament in good condition and preserve its aroma for as long as possible, it needs to be stored and dried correctly.
  • The filament must be stored in airtight containers, preferably vacuum packed. You can use zip bags with silica gel beads, vacuum-sealed bags or food containers with a vacuum seal.
  • There are many techniques to remove moisture, including:
    • Drying the filament in a home oven or a food dehydrator at low temperatures for long periods.
    • Using a filament dryer.
  • The lifespan of a filament can vary according to different factors, so it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for drying and storage parameters.
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