3D Sublimation Vacuum Oven Heat Press - 42x29

3D sublimation machine for heat transfer printing.

Vacuum system, by membrane or moulds, to provide the necessary pressure for the transfer. You can also transfer without vacuum, only with heat, which requires the use of wraps.

  • Can sublimate up to 12 mugs (11 oz) at once
  • Includes 3 silicone wraps, 1 pair of gloves and replacements for the membrane, a resistant hose and a rubber sealing strip
  • Optional vacuum moulds can be purchased to customise latte cups, beer steins and shot glasses

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Oven Ref: 027647
Sublimation Vacuum Oven Heat Press
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Mould Conical Mugs & Beer Steins Ref: 032309
Silicone Mould for Conical Mugs & Beer Steins
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Mould 11oz Mugs Ref: 032307
Mould for 11oz Mugs
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Mould 7 Shot Glasses Ref: 027680
Mould for 7 Shot Glasses
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08/03/24: 2 units
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  • 2 ways of use: (1) vacuum heat, which presses the printed paper onto the object or (2) only heat, which requires the use of wraps
  • Tray dimensions: 42 x 29 cm (vacuum) and 44 x 31 cm (heat)
  • Large bottom tray to personalise mugs, tumblers or similar objects
  • Includes an air filter for vacuum
  • Pressure gauge with automatic pressure regulation
  • Digital time and temperature (ºC/ºF) control panel
  • Sturdy compact structure made of aluminium and iron
  • CE marking which guarantees that this oven meets the technical requirements of the European Union



  • The colour of the oven may vary between maroon, black and silver, depending on the availability
  • The air filter requires periodic maintenance because it fills with water when printing. The piece must be cleaned and the filter inside must be replaced
  • The bottom tray sublimates using only heat, so it requires the use of clamps, silicone sheets or shrink bags, depending on the object
  • Special vacuum moulds can also be used. Just connect the rubber hose to the mould
  • To use the lower tray you must remove the upper tray and disconnect the vacuum hose (rubber tube)
  • Items made of plastic or similar materials need a mould or jig to avoid deformation during the sublimation process



Instructions for the sublimation oven (.pdf - 6.38 MB)



3 Silicone mug wrap
1 Replacement membrane
1 Replacement vacuum hose
1 Replacement sealing strip
1 Pair of protective gloves



  • Accessories for customising different items with a vacuum oven
  • They have a tube or hooking mechanism to insert the silicone tube into the oven
Reference no Printable item Dimensions Material Notes

Latte mugs and
beer steins

14.5 x 11 x 17.5 cm Blue silicone

Allows you to personalise the handle, base
and inside of mugs and steins
prepared for sublimation.
Silicone lid


Mugs (11 oz)

14.5 x 11.8 x 0.9 cm Blue silicone

Requires the accessory tray
for moulds to be installed
in the oven (Ref. 032682).
Glass lid

027680 7 shot glasses 13.6 x 7 x 2 cm Plastic and blue rubber Glass lid



Temperature range 50-200ºC
Time range 0-20 min
Power 2900 W
Voltage 120-220 V / 50-60 Hz



  • Prepare the item for sublimation
  • Open the oven and lift the membrane by opening the flap
  • Place the item on the tray and cover it with protective paper to avoid damaging the membrane
  • Lower the membrane and close it with the flap
  • Press the vacuum button to shrink the membrane. Check that there is no air left in the printing area
  • Close the oven and sublimate
  • Open the oven and lift the membrane
  • With the help of a protective glove, remove the finished sublimated item



3D oven
47 x 30.5 x 58.5 cm
Top tray 44 x 30.5 x 2.5 cm
Bottom tray 44 x 31.5 x 8 cm
Clamp 21 x 13 cm
Oven weight 24 kg



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