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3D Sublimation Vacuum Heat Press Machine


A 3D sublimation machine designed for personalisation through sublimation printing. Particularly useful for printing surfaces of non-flat objects.

  • Works with a combination of vacuum pressure and heat.
  • Allows the sublimation of more than one object at a time.
  • Digital temperature and time control panel, very easy to use.
  • Includes 3 mug wraps and 1 spare for the membrane, the vacuum tube and the sealing rubber.
  • Dimensions of the tray: 42 x 30 x 11 cm

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€699.00 VAT not included / Each Unit
VAT not included
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More information about the 3D vacuum heat press machine for sublimation

  • Perfect for sublimating rigid surfaces with irregular shapes such as shot glasses, mugs, photo frames, ashtrays, plates and cases.
  • Allows the sublimation of different types of material, as long as they are suitable for sublimation: ceramic, glass, slate, aluminium or polymer (plastic).
  • Very resistant and compact structure design made of aluminium and iron.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • High performance and low production cost.
  • Has two functions: (1) applying vacuum pressure in such a way that the printed paper fits the object sufficiently; and (2) applying heat to transfer the sublimation inks to the object in a homogeneous manner, so that all its surface reaches the same temperature.
  • It includes 2 trays: the upper one, which works with a membrane that applies pressure when creating the vacuum, and the lower one, which only works with hot air. In order to use it, the upper tray must be removed, and the vacuum tube disconnected.
  • With the lower tray, it is possible to print by only using the heat function of the press, without vacuum pressure. This requires the use of special heat transfer wraps, silicone sheets or heat shrink bags.
  • The upper tray membrane acts as a wrap, applying pressure to the object by creating a vacuum. If the material you print requires it, (polymer objects, etc.) it is recommended to place a mould (or jig) inside to prevent it from warping due to heat and pressure.
  • Special vacuum moulds can also be used. All you need to do is connect the rubber tube to the mould to create the vacuum. These moulds serve as wraps during heat transfer. Just insert the properly prepared object into the mould and connect it to the press.
  • Very useful for mug sublimation due to its tray capacity of up to 12 standard size mugs (11oz).
  • Includes a gauge to measure the pressure that is self-regulated by the press.
  • It is recommended to use at least a protective glove (not included) when handling trays and newly printed items.



Temperature range 50-200ºC
Time range 1 second - 20 minutes
Maximum power 2800 W
Voltage 120 V / 220 V
Maximum tray size 42 x 30 x 11 cm
Press dimensions
59 x 47 x 32 cm
Packaging dimensions
70.5 x 62.5 x 40 cm
Press weight
19 Kg
Package weight 25 kg
More Information
Ref. 027647
Net Weight (kg) 19
Gross Weight (kg) 25
Billable Weight 27.5000
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