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We present the full range of  Silhouette cutting machines featuring the qualities that characterise each of its models: user-friendly, quality, low cost, versatility, precision, connectivity with smart devices, intuitive software and much more.

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6 Items


What is a Silhouette cutting machine ?

It is a small electronic machine, similar to a printer, that you connect to your computer and allows you to cut designs on various materials such as heat transfer vinyl, sign vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, etc. It can cut materials with a maximum thickness of 0.8mm and a maximum width of 305mm

It is very easy to use, and although it has been conceived as a domestic cutting machine and is manufactured by Graphtec, a leader in the plotter market. It incorporates an optical reader that allows you to read cutting marks, so you will be able to cut out stickers, transfer paper, etc. It comes with free Designer Studio software that allows you to draw your own designs so you can cut them out.

Can I cut my own images with the Silhouette?

The free software included with the machine allows you to draw your own images to cut them later.

What kind of files can I cut with this plotter? 

The designs that you can buy in the online shop of Silhouette are in .studio format and the next most popular format  is .svg.

You can create designs in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, then export them to GSD or DXF and finally import these files to the Silhouette Studio software to cut them. However, if you usually work with vector programs like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator, you can purchase the higher version of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software which incorporates more features or buy the Silhouette Connect plug-in which allows you to send to cut directly from vector programs.

What are the advantages of the extended Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software?

  • You can open .svg and .pdf files.
  • You can work with layers, which is an advantage when creating your own designs.
  • It has built-in rulers and guides, which helps you in design tasks such as positioning, scaling, aligning.
  • It includes several eraser and blade options.
  • Sketch: allows you to convert your designs into sketches so that you can later use the pens or sketch pens.
  • Rhinestones: you can convert a design into a rhinestone template and adjust it to the size, spacing and arrangement of the stones.
  • Nesting: allows you to distribute your designs on the material to be cut and make the most of it.
  • Shading: allows you to add shadows to objects and text and then cut them out.


Can it cut EVA foam?

The max. media thickness is 0.8mm, si it is not designed tu cut EVA foam. However, some users have told us that they have been able to cut it with a setting of 8-10 and speed 1, but with little precision.

Can it cut cut fabric?

Yes, using a hot-melt interlining as a base to give some stiffness to the fabric.

Should I use a different a different blade to cut fabric?

The original blade allows you to cut any material: vinyl, paper, cardstock, etc. When cutting fabric, it is always recommended to use a different blade than the one you use for the rest of the material.

When should I change the blade?

To extend the life of the blade you should always adjust the blade and speed depending on the type of material you are going to cut, and also clean the blade regularly. The life of the blade will depend on the type of materials you are cutting. If you cut thinner materials, it will last longer.

When should I change the cutting mat?

The cutting mat has a slightly sticky surface which is used as a support for the material to be cut. It is advisable to cover the cutting mat with a cloth when not in use to avoid dust accumulation which reduces its adhesion. Depending on the type of materials you are using, the cutting mat will lose its adhesion more or less quickly. Linting materials will wear out sooner. But you can always use temporary adhesive spray to overcome the tack loss.