Sublimation Fabric with antibacterial filter - Microfibre

A water-repellent and antibacterial fabric you can personalise using dye sublimation printing and screen printing. Particularly suitable to make reusable hygienic masks and sanitary clothing.

  • 100% polyester fabric. White with a grammage of 83 g/m2
  • Peach skin touch on one side, and similar to silk with gloss finish on the other one.
  • Sale unit: 1 m piece, 10 m roll, 30 m roll, all with 1.40 m width.

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How to sublimate this fabric?

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Microfibre Fabric with antibacterial filter - Piece of 1m x 140cm Ref. 039414
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Microfibre Fabric with antibacterial filter - Roll of 10m x 140cm Ref. 039413
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Microfibre Fabric with antibacterial filter - Roll of 30m x 140cm Ref. 039624
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More information about the microfibre fabric with antibacterial filter for sublimation

  • With a water-repellent treatment that repels liquid. Prevents saliva drops produced when speaking, coughing or sneezing from penetrating the fabric.
  • With a filter that acts as a barrier against viruses and bacteria, making it suitable to manufacture sanitary clothing and, especially, reusable hygienic masks.
  • Air can pass through the fabric without difficulty while preventing the aspiration of dust, pollen and other microorganisms that are in the air.
  • Due to its properties, it is also suitable for making curtains for hotels, places to spend the night or lodging in general, as well as restaurants and closed cultural spaces.
  • Very fine and extra soft texture. Pleasant to the touch.
  • Resistant and long-lasting.
  • Customisable on both sides.
  • Perfect for printing before manufacture, thus avoiding imperfections on borders, elastics or seams. This saves time and minimises losses due to material damage.
  • To craft the inside of the mask, you may use the inner layer fabric for face masks that you will find in Related Products. The combination of these fabrics creates a barrier that ensures breathability and retention of particles and bacteria.


  • Sanitized AG Laboratory: certifies that it is a textile that reduces viral and bacterial load by 99,99%.
  • Textile Research Institute (AITEX): certifies that it has an EBF bacterial efficiency of < 70% and a degree of breathability of 44±1 Pa/cm2



Reference nº
039414 039413 039624
Format Piece Roll Roll
Size 1 x 1.40 m 10 x 1.40 m 30 x 1.40 m
Grammage 83 g/m2 83 g/m2 83 g/m2


  • Wash by hand or in a washing machine at a maximum temperature of 60ºC.
  • Possibility of using bleach.
  • Do not dry-clean.
  • Can be ironed using the ironing program for polyester.
  • Can be tumble dried.

Recommended instructions and parameters for sublimation printing

  • Print the design in mirror image.
  • Preheat the press to 200ºC.
  • Place the fabric on the press' lower plate and the paper's printed side against it.
  • Close the press at medium-heavy pressure for 35 seconds.
  • With the aid of a protective glove, remove the newly printed fabric.
  • Remove the paper carefully.
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Ref. 926631
Colour White
Surface material Tissue
Items Fabrics
Composition 100% Polyester, Microfibre
Marking techniques Dye sublimation, Screen printing
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