Sublimation Country Crossbody Bag & Flap

Crossbody bag with a blank flap you can personalise using dye sublimation printing.

  • Made of brown canvas and 100% polyester
  • Includes an interchangeable flap suitable for sublimation. You can purchase more flaps separately
  • Print area (flap): 23.5 x 26 cm


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Crossbody Bag with Flap Ref: 000076
Sublimation Crossbody Bag & Flap
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Additional Flap for Crossbody Bag
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> Dimensions (approx.)

> Recommended instructions and parameters for sublimation printing



  • Velcro flap fastening
  • Zippered compartment. Additional small pocket inside
  • Gusset base for extra capacity
  • Shoulder strap with adjustable metal buckle
  • Easy personalisation. The flap is attached to the bag by a velcro fastener that can be completely removed before sublimating



  • Leave the Velcro out of the press during sublimation
  • Cover the coloured part of the flap with protective paper to avoid burning or staining it while pressing
  • The brown of the flap is slightly lighter than the one from the bag



Bag (cm) 31 x 23.5
Inside (cm) 30.5 x 20
Flap (cm) 26 x 28
Gusset (cm) 23 x 10
Strap length (cm) 69 to 130
Flap print area (cm) 26 x 21
Weight (g) 190



  • Print the design in mirror image
  • Preheat the press to 200ºC
  • Cover the coloured part of the flap and the Velcro with protective paper and heat-resistant tape. If possible, leave the Velcro outside the press
  • Place the flap on the press' lower platen and the paper's printed side against it. Fix them with heat-resistant tape
  • Cover them with protective paper
  • Press for 45 seconds, medium pressure
  • Using a protective glove, remove the newly printed flap
  • Carefully peel off the paper
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Ref. 922262
Dimensions (mm) 260 x 235
Print area (mm) 260 x 210
Colour White, Brown
Surface material Tissue
Items Handbags, Flaps
Composition Canvas, 100% Polyester
Accessory details Handles, Pocket, Flaps
Marking techniques Dye sublimation
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