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Rip Software CADlink Digital Factory v10 DTF Edition


Rip software CADlink Digital Factory V10, specially developed for DTF printing. Full control of the image to achieve high-quality printing by optimising the printing process to the maximum.

  • USB dongle licence, compatible with Windows®.
  • Compatible with design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW.
  • Suitable for DTF printers.
  • Ability to work with many different formats and substrates.

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€389.00 VAT not included / Each Unit
VAT not included
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More information about the CADlink Digital Factory v10 DTF Edition rip software

  • Ultra-fast RIP processing, even with multiple job queues, which you can configure according to the printer, inks and layouts.
  • Compatible with modified Epson L1800 and L805 printers included in our DTF printer bundles (A4 and A3 sizes).
  • Maximum optimisation of printer and ink efficiency.
  • Very simple, user-friendly interface with quick responsiveness.
  • Includes CMYK + White drivers, specially created for L1800 and L805 printers.
  • Real-time nozzle checks, automatic printhead cleaning, and maintenance alert notifications.
  • Several preview modes: white layer (choke), colour layer, colour replacement, final result, print preview.
  • Pre-set print modes with the possibility to manually adjust the parameters by creating a template.


(*)If the download fails, you can get the trial version by clicking on this link.





  • Licence files (xxxxxxHM), where x is the dongle number
  • Program files (Digital Factory v10)
  • Quick setup sheet in PDF
  • Setup wizard link (setup.exe)

To install the software, connect the USB to the computer, run Setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions.


  • Supports countless vector and pixel file formats such as bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, ping, tif, tiff, psd, svg, ps, tmp, eps, ai and pdf.
  • Image editing through GIMP, a free software similar to Photoshop and optimised to interact comfortably with the RIP without exiting the programme.
  • Create patterns based on images to achieve full-print personalisation.
  • You may arrange your designs manually or automatically on the same page, with the possibility of copying the same design for a personalisation run. It will generate copies of your design in matrix mode using rows and columns to fill the area of the film.
  • Automatic nesting of different layouts on the film. Smart distribution of images for space optimisation.
  • Super Size Image: increases the resolution to avoid visible pixels in non-vector images.
  • You can use effects to add frames or vintage finishes.


  • Quick adjustments for transparency, contrast, brightness, and saturation.
  • Creates patterns to reduce ink consumption.
  • Knockmeblackout: for designs to be printed on black garments. Removes black areas from the design so that the white layer will not be printed, followed by a black one, consequently saving ink.
  • Knockmecolorout: allows you to select and remove up to 4 colours from the design with a single click.
  • Control of white and colour ink flow to optimise consumption and calculate costs per print.
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