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Poli-Flex Pearl Glitter HTV from Poli-Tape Sample Pack


Poli-Flex Pearl Glitter heat transfer vinyl sheets from Poli-Tape with glitter effect and rough texture. A practical sample pack for testing the entire colour range and checking its final result at a minimum initial cost.

  • 34 heat transfer vinyl sheets with a built-in liner, in the following tones: 28 standard and 6 neon.
  • Includes a colour card with technical data and recommended application parameters.

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€49.90 VAT not included / Each Unit
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More information about the Poli-Flex Pearl Glitter HTV Sample Pack from Poli-Tape

  • Starter pack for those who want to give a shiny touch to their fabrics using pearl glitter vinyl.
  • Great for personalisation tests on T-shirts, jeans and trouser pockets, fabric shoes and much more.
  • This sample pack includes the complete colour chart to check first-hand the quality and finish of the vinyl, so you can later purchase the items that best suit your needs.
  • It contains sheets larger than A4, allowing for more versatile applications.
  • Suitable for cotton, polyester/cotton, and natural/synthetic fabrics without water-repellent coating.
  • You will not need any additional carrier sheets, as they come attached to the vinyl and are easily identifiable by their shiny side.
  • Delivered in a black bubble envelope with a convenient closing clip.
  • In Related Products, you will find this vinyl in larger formats, with specific information about each one, including instructions for use.


  • 34 vinyl sheets (25 x 33 cm approx.): 28 sheets of standard colours and 6 neon.
  • Poli-Tape Poli-Flex Pearl Glitter heat transfer vinyl colour card in 34 shades with real samples (33 x 12 mm) and additional technical details.


  • 28 standard colours: silver, gold, light gold, dark gold, copper, red, coral, burgundy, hot pink, pink, lavender, purple, sky blue, blue, royal blue, navy blue, light green, green, jade, emerald, bronze, rose gold, champagne, multicolor, grey, black, white and rainbow white.
  • 6 neon colours: neon blue, neon yellow, neon green, neon pink, neon purple, and neon orange.



  • The instructions given are based on our knowledge and tests carried out with our equipment, which is why we always recommend that you test it yourself to determine the best parameters for each case.
  • Many factors could have an impact on the application of this product, as well as on its washing conditions. For this reason, we can only accept liability for unhandled material.
  • This vinyl is a film clear coated with glitter. When applied on dark garmentsthe colour will be perceived through the vinyl, more or less, depending on the colour of the film (light or dark). glitter (light or dark). The film does not take on the colour of the . garmentbut its colour can be seen behind the vinyl, varying its tonality.

Recommended instructions and application parameters

  • Cut out the design in mirror image with a vinyl cutter and a 60º blade.
  • With a hook, remove the excess vinyl leaving on the liner the design you want to apply.
  • Preheat the press to 160ºC
  • Place the garment on the press’ lower platen and the design on top.
  • Cover with protective paper to protect the vinyl and the fabric.
  • Press for 15 seconds, medium pressure.
  • Warm peel the liner.

(*) We recommend running some tests to adjust the application parameters according to the press you will be using.

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