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Poli-Flex Turbo Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Pack - 50 Assorted Colours


Poli-Flex Turbo anti-sublimation heat transfer vinyl sheets from Poli-Tape for fast applications at low temperature. A practical sample pack designed to test the entire colour range without a large initial outlay.

  • 52 vinyl sheets with a built-in carrier sheet, in standard, metallic and neon colours.
  • Comes with a colour card with technical data and recommended application parameters

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€49.90 VAT not included / Each Unit
VAT not included
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More information about the Poli-Flex Turbo heat transfer vinyl sample pack

  • Starter pack for those who want to get into textile personalisation using turbo HTV.
  • Perfect for personalisation tests on T-shirts, sportswear, sports bags or promotional items.
  • This sample pack includes the complete colour chart to check first-hand the quality and finish of the vinyl, so you can later purchase the items that best suit your needs.
  • It contains sheets larger than A4, allowing for more versatile applications.
  • Can be applied on impregnated textiles (nylon), cotton and polyester fabrics, and many textile blends such as polyester/cotton or polyester/acrylic.
  • You will notice that the colour will not transfer from the vinyl to the garment or vice versa, thanks to its opaque layer with blockout or subli-stop technology that stops the colour, preventing any contamination or accidental sublimation.
  • You will not need any additional carrier sheets, as they come attached to the vinyl and are easily identifiable.
  • Delivered in a black bubble envelope with a convenient closing clip.
  • In Related Products, you will find this vinyl in larger formats, with specific information about each one, including instructions for use.


  • 52 vinyl sheets (25 x 33 cm): 32 sheets(*) with standard colours, 5 sheets with metallic colours, 7 sheets with bright metallic colours, and 8 sheets with neon colours.
  • 1 card with 50 Poli-Flex Turbo real samples (33 x 12 mm) from Poli-Tape and additional technical details.

(*) Additional white and black sheet included.


  • 30 standard colours: white, black, beige, sand beige, pastel yellow, lemon yellow, medium yellow, yellow, orange, flame red, red, coral, violet, baby pink, light berry, fuchsia, bordeaux, purple, sky blue, royal blue, classic blue, navy blue, apple green, green, frog green, aqua green, mint, brown, grey and light grey.
  • 5 metallic colours: gold metallic, silver metallic, bronze metallic, rose gold metallic and champagne metallic.
  • 7 bright metallic colours: bright gold, bright silver, bright copper, bright pink, bright red, bright blue and bright lavender
  • 8 neon colours: neon blue, neon yellow, neon green, neon orange, neon red, neon pink, neon dark pink and neon berry.


Recommendations for use and application

  • Suitable for plotter cutting. We recommend using a standard blade with a 45º angle.
  • For Silhouette vinyl cutters, you can use the following parameters: blade setting 3, speed 5, thickness 10.
  • After the transfer, warm peel the carrier sheet, except for neon colours which must be removed lukewarm.
  • You may combine standard coloured vinyl sheets to create more colourful designs.
  • Personalised garments should be washed inside out at a maximum temperature of 60ºC
  • Vinyl suitable for dry cleaning.


  • Metallic and neon vinyl must not be overlapped.
  • The instructions given are based on our knowledge and tests carried out with our equipment, which is why we always recommend that you test it yourself to determine the best parameters for each case.
  • Many factors could impact the application of this product, as well as on its washing conditions. For this reason, we can only accept liability for unhandled material.


Professional heat press
Temperature Time Pressure
130°C 5 s 2.5 - 3 bar (medium-low pressure)
150°C 4 s 2.5 - 3 bar (medium-low pressure)
160°C 3 s 2.5 - 3 bar (medium-low pressure)
Temperature Time
Wool setting (**) 5 - 10 s


Professional heat press
Temperature Pressing time Pressure
Before the transfer During the transfer(*)
150ºC 5 s 5 s 2 bar (low pressure)

(*) After the transfer, remove the carrier sheet and apply silicone paper for 10 seconds.

Temperature Pressing time
Before the transfer During the transfer(*)
Wool setting (**) 5 s 5 - 10 s

(*) After the transfer, remove the carrier sheet and apply silicone paper for 10 seconds.


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