Laser Cut Heat Transfer Film - Sef Laval LaserFlex

Heat transfer vinyl for laser cutting. Designed to cut complex or detailed designs as it does not require weeding.

  • Made of 60 μ thick polyurethane
  • Suitable for fabrics made of cotton, polyester and their blends
  • Sale unit: DIN A3 sheets (29.7 x 42 cm)

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LASERFLEX is a water-based PU (polyurethane) film for transferring your designs on fabrics without water-repellent impregnation.

  • The vinyl is cut as an engraving and therefore does not need to be weeded
  • The image resolution should be at 500-600 dpi
  • Made in France by Sef Laval



  • The cutting configuration of the laser machine will depend on each model. For this reason, we recommend carrying out preliminary tests to establish the appropriate parameters
  • The vinyl will leave a dust residue on the machine after cutting. It is advisable to clean this residue when you have finished cutting the vinyl



  • Place a 3 mm wooden board on the laser machine to avoid reflections from the work bed
  • Place the vinyl on the wooden board with the liner side down
  • Fix the vinyl to the wooden board using adhesive tape so that it does not move due to the compressed air from the machine
  • Go to Maintain then press Release Motors to adjust the height of the laser head so that it is correctly focused
  • Load the image and place it in the correct position
  • In the document settings, adjust the resolution between 500-600 dpi
  • Now go to the Layer panel and set the cutting speed and cutting power
  • Start cutting

For the Flux Beamo we have used the following settings:

  • Print resolution: 500 dpi
  • Power: 21%
  • Speed: 110 mm/s



  • Knife blade: 45º
  • Temperature: 165ºC
  • Time: 17 seconds
  • Pressure: 2.5 - 3.0 bar [medium pressure]



  • Wipe off any dust from the vinyl with a dry cloth
  • Trim off the excess white edges of the vinyl
  • Preheat the press to 160ºC
  • Place the garment on the press and pre-press for 4-5 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture from the fabric
  • Position the vinyl over the garment and cover with protective paper
  • Press for 17 seconds, medium pressure
  • Cool peel the liner
  • Place the protective paper over the vinyl and press again for 5 seconds with the same parameters



  • Washing resistance: 60ºC max



LaserFlex colour card and data sheet (pdf - 0.45 MB)

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