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Face Shield - rPET Plastic - Clear


An antibacterial and anti-splash face shield you can personalise using vinyl and transfer. Specially designed to protect the mouth, nose and eyes.

  • Made of 500-micron 80% recycled PET (rPET).
  • Totally transparent, it does not reduce the visual field.
  • Adjustable. Can be used with glasses and a face mask.
  • Print area: 42 x 23.4 cm

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€0.99 VAT not included before €4.99 / Each Unit
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More information about the clear rPET plastic face shield

  • Mask style, with a futuristic design. Manufactured entirely in Spain.
  • Comfortable, light and easy to put on and take off.
  • Made with a single piece of PET, customisable on its entire surface.
  • Includes 2 white foam pads to avoid direct contact between the shield and the forehead.
  • It has side straps that close at the back to fit the head.
  • Reusable. Can be sterilised and used again as many times as desired.
  • Suitable for contact with the skin.
  • Supplied unassembled in a plastic bag.
  • Can be personalised with vinyl as well as water-slide decal paper, which does not require heat to be applied.


        A   33.5 cm
79 cm
 C 42 cm
 D 23.4 cm
 E 3.5 cm
 F 4.5 cm
 G 6 cm

Unassembled shield 79 x 33,5 cm
Thickness 1 mm
Foam Ø30 x 4 mm
From 3 cm to 13.5 cm
Print area 42 x 23.4 cm


  • In order for the face shields to continue to fulfil their protective function, they must be cleaned properly.
  • It is recommended to clean the visor with products intended for this type of material which do not contain aggressive substances.
  • If no special cleaning products are available, the visor can be washed with bleach and water, or with surgical spirit.
  • Not suitable for dishwashers.
  • Store in a place where it cannot be deformed by pressure.


STEP 1: Mounting the front band containing the foam pads

  • Hold the side straps: one of them contains the foam pads and a flap, and the other a square hole.
  • Fold the flap inward. In other words, towards the inside of the visor.
  • Insert the flap into the hole and fold it again to prevent it from coming out of the hole.
  • Press on both sides to make sure the side straps are securely attached by the flap.

STEP 2: Mounting the band to adjust the visor to the head

  • Attach the side straps: one with the edges segmented like a saw, and the other with a slot.
  • Insert the band into the slot.
  • Extract the band from the other side of the slot and adjust to the size of the head.


More information on products for prevention against the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Spain (also known as coronavirus): Boletín Oficial del Estado - Núm. 109 del 19 de abril de 2020 (.pdf - 244 kB).

More Information
Ref. 039382
Gross Weight (kg) 0.076
Billable Weight (kg) 0.0800
Dimensions (mm) 790 x 335
Print area (mm) 420 x 234
Thickness (mm) 1
Colour Transparent
Surface material Plastic
Items Face shield
Accessory details Adjustment accessory
Marking techniques Self-adhesive vinyl
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