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Customisable Christmas Baubles - Silver Glitter


Christmas baubles great for decorating the Christmas tree or hanging on home furniture you can personalise with a photo insert. You will only need a home printer, scissors, and plain or photo paper.

  • Made of sturdy plastic covered with silver glitter on the back.
  • You can see the insert from the bauble’s clear side.
  • Print area (insert): Ø7.5 cm

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More information about customisable silver glitter Christmas baubles

  • A Christmas decoration in the shape of a sphere to hang from the Christmas tree or other spots in the house and give its decoration a sparkling look.
  • Simple design in a combination of Christmas colours for home decoration.
  • Transparent on the front. You can see the photo inside the bauble.
  • Half the sphere is covered with silver glitter.
  • Removable silver lid. Take it off to open the bauble and get to the insert.
  • Red velvet ribbon.
  • Its structure is made up of two semi-spheres that are held together by the neck when opened. You can separate them by pressing lightly on the lower part.
  • Delivered in a cardboard box with instructions.


  • Combine several baubles with different designs, colours and textures for an eye-catching decoration.


Bauble Ø7.5 x 8.5 cm
Hanging loop
0.6 x 8 cm
2 mm
Print area (insert)
Ø7.5 cm
Presentation box
8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm
43 g


  • Print the photo with your printer and make sure it is the correct size for the insert.
  • Cut it out with a pair of scissors.
  • Remove the silver lid to open the bauble.
  • Separate the two parts by pulling from the bottom.
  • Place the photo into the ornament.
  • Put the bauble back together and close the lid.
More Information
Ref. 035061
Net Weight (kg) 0.043
Gross Weight (kg) 0.067
Billable Weight 0.0600
Dimensions (mm) Ø75 x 85
Print area (mm) Ø75
Thickness (mm) 2
Colour Silver, Transparent
Surface material Plastic
Items Christmas items
Accessory details String
Marking techniques Photo insert
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