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Sublimation Kids Cup & jig - Plastic

8 oz conical cup for children you can personalise using dye sublimation printing.

  • Made of durable white plastic with a gloss finish.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • The jig to sublimate this cup can be purchased separately.
  • Print area: 24.4 x 8 cm

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How to sublimate this cup?

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Sublimation Kids Cup - Plastic Ref: 034516
Sublimation Kids Cup - Plastic
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Metal Jig for sublimating plastic kids cups Ref: 034511
Metal Jig for sublimating plastic kids cups
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27/10/22: 3 units
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More information about the plastic kids cup and jig for sublimation

  • Perfect for the little ones thanks to its material. The plastic is drop and shock-resistant and does not break easily.
  • Ideal for serving drinks and refreshments to children in kindergartens, school canteens, birthday parties or at home.
  • Food grade. BPA free.
  • Also very useful as a pencil holder or pot for small plants.
  • Customisable on all its outer surface.
  • Lightweight and reusable.
  • You can purchase the 3D metal jig separately to fit the cup before placing it in the oven and prevent it from deforming during the sublimation process.
  • Although it is delivered without a box, you will find models suitable for this cup in Related Products.



  • It is recommended to personalise this cup using a sublimation or 3D oven for best results.
  • If you use the sublimation jig, remove it when hot.


Reference no. 034516 034511
Item Cup Jig
8 oz ≈ 236 ml -
Upper diameter
Ø7.7 cm Ø7.2 cm
Ø5.7 cm Ø5.3 cm
8.5 cm 8.9 cm
2 mm 7 mm
Print area
 24.4 x 8 cm -
55 g 298 g

Recommended instructions and parameters for sublimation printing

  • Print the design in mirror image.
  • Preheat the sublimation oven to 200ºC
  • Hold the paper's printed side against the cup and fix it with heat-resistant tape.
  • Fit the jig inside the cup or put it in a heat shrink bag and heat it with a heat gun, making sure you get rid of all the wrinkles. You can also use a silicone sheet.
  • Sublimate inside the oven for 8 minutes
  • Using a protective glove, remove the wrap, the silicone sheet, or the bag, depending on the accessory you used.
  • Carefully remove the paper from the container.
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