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Silhouette Cameo 4 Punch Tool


Silhouette Punch Tool, designed to speed up the process of vinyl weeding. Creates points in disposable areas, making it easier to introduce weeding tools when removing excess vinyl from your designs.

  • Automatically detected when inserted in the tool holder (Tool Holder 2).
  • Punch depth: 0.8 mm
  • To be used only with Silhouette Cameo 4, Plus and Pro vinyl cutters.

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€12.39 VAT not included / Each Unit
VAT not included
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More information about the Punch Tool for Cameo 4

  • The punch tool is automatically detected by the Silhouette Studio® software. You will not need to select it.
  • Fixed depth, no manual adjustment required.
  • Sharp punch made of tungsten carbide, suitable for almost all types of vinyl: textile, adhesive, lettering, printable, . . .
  • Allows you to identify disposable areas by creating weed points on the vinyl without damaging it. These points make it easy to insert a hook when weeding out the excess vinyl.
  • From the Silhouette Studio® software, you can choose to weed the negative space (for decals or vinyl cuts) or the positive space (for stencils or sandblasting).


Positive space is the inner part of the design, and negative space is the outside. In other words, when making a sticker, the part you want to remove is everything that is not part of the design (negative space). However, when working on a template or stencil, it is the inside of the motif that needs to be removed (positive space).


  • Insert the blade chosen for cutting the vinyl in the left tool holder (Tool Holder 1).
  • Insert the punch tool in the right tool holder (Tool Holder 2).
  • Lock the tools by pushing both lock levers all the way in. The software will detect them automatically.
  • Load the design to be cut into the Silhouette Studio® software and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Select the area you want to remove.
  • Your machine is ready to start cutting.

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