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Returns & Exchanges

Who is responsible for managing returns? Our customer support team. You can get to know them here. You can contact them by filling this form (subject "Comment about my Order") or by email to customersupport@brildor.com, indicating, in both cases, the order number.

What should I do to return an item? First, explain the problem using the form or by email, always indicating the order number. We only accept refunds of unused products in their original state and the same original packaging. In the By the Metre service, since the product has been handled, no refunds will be made except for product defects. In the case of textile vinyl, we do admit returns on the cutting service, provided that 5 or more metres have been purchased. We will contact you by email to manage the return or replacement. Once we confirm that the product is going to be picked up by the agency, we will understand that the products are ready and immediately available during business hours. If you need the transport agency to collect it at a specific time, please provide us with your contact phone number, and we will attempt to have the agency call you before pick up.

What is the deadline to make a return? The deadline for any type of return is 30 calendar days from the date of delivery. We only accept returns coming in their original packaging. We will not accept machines which serial number has been registered on the manufacturer's website or their software downloaded. That is because once it is done, the machine gets permanently and irreversibly linked to the customer.  On most machines, you will be able to use a demo version that is free for 30 days. We recommend you try it before downloading the software.

What is the cost of a return? If you have received a defective item, or if we made a mistake, returning the product is costless for you. If the reason for the return has not been caused by Brildor, you will have to send the goods through your agency. Once our technical department has checked its condition, the refund will be paid to your Credit. It will be available for use in your next purchase.

How will I receive my refund? Once the return is approved, received and verified, its amount will be added to the balance in "My Credit". If you prefer, we can also pay it through the same method you used to make the purchase.

What should I do if I receive a wrong or defective item? Explain the problem to us by using the form or by email, always giving us your order number. We will contact you during business hours to manage payment or replacement. Freight will be at our expense.

Can I remove an item from my order? Orders that are already processed cannot be modified automatically. You will have to send us an email to customersupport@brildor.com to manage these changes.

      • Orders that have not yet left may be modified at no additional cost, although these changes will delay the order's delivery date and will vary its amount and shipping cost.
      • Those already in transit will be managed as an order's partial return. Additional transportation costs will be generated.

Can I add an item to my order? If the order is not yet in transit, you can still modify it. You need to keep in mind that this may alter both shipping costs and delivery time. To manage those changes, you will need to fill this form (subject: "Comment about my order") or write an email to customersupport@brildor.com.

Can I change an item of my order? Changes are broken down into 2 operations: removing an item and adding another. Please, refer to each operation separately.

Can I cancel an on-demand order? For orders with items produced on demand, cancellation is not possible if the product is already in the production stage. Therefore, the amount paid for production is not refundable because products manufactured on demand cannot be sold.

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