Intra-community VAT Number: what is it?

All companies subject to VAT in the European Union (EU) must have a tax identification number (TIN) issued by tax authorities. This specific number is intended for the exemption of VAT in B2B transactions in the EU (Business To Business). If your company is . . .

1. . . . based in the EU (outside of Spain)

If your business is subject to VAT payment: your tax office provides you automatically with your VAT Number when your company is registered. This number appears on your VAT Returns.
If your business is not subject to VAT payment: this number might not have been provided automatically. This applies more specifically to self-employed individuals or freelancers. You may, however, register for VAT voluntarily.

As an example, the intra-community VAT number is presented under the following formats:

Ireland: IE + 8 or 9 characters    (Ex. 1234567X, 1X23456X, 1234567XX)

2. . . . based in Spain

You must provide us with your CIF/NIF number to qualify from VAT exemption.

3. You are a Private Customer

You cannot benefit from this exemption and will have to pay the corresponding VAT.

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