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Imagine if you could simplify the bulk-cutting process without having to manually load the sheets one by one into your machine? Now it’s possible thanks to the Auto Sheet Feeder! This accessory will not only save you time but also boost your productivity.

Keep on reading to find out more about this product and how to use it.

What is the Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder?

The Auto Sheet Feeder is an accessory that attaches to the front of your cutting machine and allows you to automatically load several sheets of material.

It works in a very similar way to the paper feeders on conventional printers, where you place a block of sheets and they are loaded as it prints. Instead of manually loading sheets, you can load several sheets at the same time and let the Auto Sheet Feeder do the work.

All you have to do is place the media in the sheet feeder and set the number of copies in the software. Although you can cut without a mat, these cutting machines include matless cutting. Plus, the sheet feeder automatically loads the sheets you need, cuts them and ejects them to move on to the next one, saving you a lot of time.

Create even more with the Silhouette Sheet Feeder
Create Even More With The Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder 5

Top features and benefits

The Auto Sheet Feeder is the perfect accessory for Portrait 3, Cameo 4, Cameo Plus or Cameo Pro users. It’s easy to use and does not require a cutting mat. These features make it a very powerful tool for cutting multiple sheets at once without having to feed them one at a time.

One of the most impressive highlights is that this accessory unlocks access to the “Smart Barcode” feature in all Silhouette Studio® software editions, which is normally exclusive to the Business Edition upgrade. 

As you may already know, barcodes remember the settings of each sheet, allowing you to process multiple designs on multiple materials within a single stack. This way, you can automate cutting on pre-printed designs at the same time, even if they are different. Also, you can print a design now and cut it later without having to reopen the file.

The sheet feeder is also quite versatile. It can cut a variety of media such as cardstock (non-corrugated), sticker paper, printable vinyl, transfer paper and much more. This allows you to load materials up to ±4.4 mm thick or blocks of approximately 20 sheets, depending on the thickness of each sheet.

Once the machine is done cutting, all you have to do is simply collect your work.

Create even more with the Silhouette Sheet Feeder
Create Even More With The Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder 6

Which size should you choose? A4 o A3 Plus?

The Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder is available in two different sizes: the A4 version, suitable for the Portrait 3 and Cameo 4, and the A3 Plus for the Cameo Plus and Cameo Pro. To help you decide which is the best size for you, here is a comparison table with the differences between the two:

A4 Auto Sheet FeederA3 Plus Auto Sheet Feeder
Compatible with Portrait 3 and Cameo 4Compatible with Cameo 4 Plus and Cameo 4 Pro
A4 and US Letter size (21 x 29.7 cm)A4 and US Letter size up to A3 (33 x 48 cm)
Up to 20 sheets (depending on media)Up to 20 sheets (depending on media)
Create even more with the Silhouette Sheet Feeder
Create Even More With The Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder 7

How to install the Silhouette Sheet Seeder

Setting up the Auto Sheet Feeder is a simple task. First, fit the base to the bottom of the cutting machine. Make sure to place the feet of the machine into the holes of the plastic base to ensure correct positioning. Then, attach the sheet feeder to the base. Note that if you have a Cameo, you will need to raise the height by lifting the front feed of the feeder.

Now, you have to connect the cutting machine to the sheet feeder using two cables: the USB cable and the power splitter. Once you have connected both machines together, plug the power cable to the splitter and the sheet feeder into the computer using the USB cable, as it cannot be used via Bluetooth. To find out if it is properly connected, open Silhouette Studio and turn on the cutting machine first, then the feeder. If you go to the Send tab, you will see that the feeder is already configured.

Once set up, you only need to load the sheets in the top tray of the feeder. Select the cut type and the number of copies you wish to cut from the Silhouette Studio software and hit send. The feeder will load the sheets one by one, cut them and eject them below the Auto Sheet Feeder (Cameo 4) or behind the machine (Portrait 3). If the media gets stuck, use the 2 side tabs of the feeder to get it out. We recommend watching this step-by-step setup video that we have prepared for you:

Everything you can do

The Auto Sheet Feeder is full of possibilities. It’s compatible with all the tools for the current models of cutting machines, including the Pen Holder, Automatic Blades and Manual Blades. This allows you to cut everything from adhesive paper to create stickers or printable vinyl thanks to the “Kiss Cut” to sketched designs with the Pen Holder.

If you are working with stiffer, non-adhesive materials, such as cardstock or paper, you should select “Pop-out Cuts”. Normally, these materials need a cutting mat, so this type of shallower cut creates a kind of die cut to prevent the pieces from coming loose from the sheet and, therefore, from jamming the machine. When finished, you only need to easily separate the piece from the material.

The Auto Sheet Feeder is a great tool for any project including making stickers, and hand-drawn cards for parties or decorations for events.

Here’s how to make clothing labels using the Liberty SubliPrint vinyl, which you can print with either your conventional inkjet printer or sublimation printer:

silhouette - imagen silhouette auto sheet feeder 1 - Create Even More With The Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder
Create Even More With The Silhouette Auto Sheet Feeder 8

We hope you’ve found this accessory helpful, especially if you do repetitive work or need to make several copies of the same design. You will surely speed up your Print & Cut tasks on your Silhouette and save plenty of time.

Please, leave us a comment if you have any questions or need more help with personalisation techniques. Also, our Customer Support department will be happy to help you with any other query you may have.

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