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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and at Brildor we want your campaign to be full of love – and sales! To help you prepare for it, we’ve put together this list of blank products that will set your customers’ hearts racing. Find inspiration with our ideas to boost your business and create unforgettable memories.

Photo frames to capture moments

Remembering moments through images is a timeless gift. That’s why you cannot lack photo frames and photo panels in your shop to give your customers a unique gift.

Personalising them is a piece of cake. You can buy frames and print your customers’ photos on paper. Or if you have sublimation equipment, go for printable panels to create exclusive photo frames! Encourage your customers to add special dates, names or romantic notes, transforming each photo into a completely personalised gift.

At Brildor, we offer a wide variety of frames and photo panels with different materials, shapes and finishes. Have a look and select the ones that best suit your customers. The key is to provide them with options that not only frame their memories but also reflect their style and personality.

Decorative plaques

Looking for a popular trend among customers? We’ve got it! Gifting a sublimated acrylic plaque with a special image and favourite song via Spotify code is very trendy.

Creating these 3D effect beauties is easier than you think. Choose the thickness and size of the acrylic, sublimate the design and, depending on the selected width, they can hang or stand in a special place at home.

We recommend customising them with clam heat presses. This will guarantee uniform transfers over the entire surface. Here you have a video where we explain how to sublimate acrylic step by step and the different models available at Brildor:

Personalised map of unforgettable moments

Offer your clients the possibility to immerse themselves in the places they have visited or long to discover with a custom map. Immortalise the exact spot where his/her love story began with the exact coordinates or a special message that highlights the importance of that place.

Creating this gift is easier than you think. Print the design on a sheet of paper with a conventional printer. If you have a cutting machine and sign vinyl or printable vinyl, you can create a layout to stick on any wall. You can also choose to use a laser cutting and engraving machine to create unique designs.

Meaningful words or quotes

Another growing trend is to decorate the walls of your home with personalised names, words or phrases. If you have a laser cutting and engraving machine, this can be a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Your creations can be the perfect gift to decorate the headboard, bedroom door or that special corner of the house. You only need to pick the font of the design, choose the material and get the machine started for it to do its magic.

Magnets that attract

Surprise your customers with a pack with several personalised magnets with romantic quotes or images celebrating love.

There are many models available, from the classic shapes that never get old to the most original ones that make a difference, made of different materials: wood, acrylic, aluminium, ceramic and much more. With this product, they will turn the fridge into a love corner full of memories that will last forever.

Matching couple outfits

Allow customers to choose clothes with custom designs that match perfectly. They’ll be the most adorable duo wherever they go!

At Brildor you will find T-shirts, sweatshirts, pyjamas… Ready to personalise with a romantic and personal touch. On Valentine’s Day, let your customers pick double designs showing their love. From heart prints to sweet messages, each garment becomes a unique expression of love.

🛒 Sublimation Cotton Touch T-Shirts – 190g

Personalised initials socks

The idea of gifting custom-printed socks fuses the fun with the practical. This everyday accessory becomes a playful and unique expression of affection. Offer your customers the opportunity to add initials, dates or romantic designs to their socks for a unique touch.

To set yourself apart from the competition, display the socks in a themed box with cute details or in a personalised bag to elevate the gifting experience.

Blanket and cushions for the love nest

Blankets and cushions are a truly special treat for couples who share their lives. Why not create a “Cozy Pack” including a soft blanket and two matching cushions? This set makes the perfect gift and all you have to do is sublimate these items with a Valentine’s Day quote or design.

If you’re in a creative rut, we recommend checking out Vexels, where you’ll find thousands of vectors, patterns, PNGs, editable PSDs and print-ready images using your favourite personalisation technique. You can also use mockups or templates designed for your online shop or social media.

Although Vexels is not free, the cost is minimal compared to the impact it can have on your products. Best of all, if you join on our behalf, you’ll get 35% off your subscription!

Mug set, a reliable gift

Personalised mugs are the classic that never fail. Let your customers unleash their creativity, designing one-of-a-kind designs with photos, names or messages. The best part? It’s easy, quick and cheap. All you need are mugs and a sublimation kit.

Want to make it extra simple? Design mugs with generic messages or sweet illustrations and sell them in cool packs of two. As they make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, we suggest giving them a special touch by using a personalised box with a heart handle to make a difference.

Puzzles and quizzes to spend time together

Another unique and original detail is blank jigsaw puzzles. With this item, you can make them cherish moments together as a couple All you have to do is personalise them with special images that capture significant moments in your relationship, like pictures of meaningful places or important events. You can also go for a design that includes surprise elements, perhaps the secret message “Will you marry me?”. You’ll add a touch of mystery and excitement to the gift.

Another option is to turn a simple card deck into an irresistible game, a unique experience that goes beyond everyday conversations. How to do it? Create a card game with questions for your customers to discover new facts about each other! The process is simple: design cards with relevant questions and sublimate them to bring to life a gift that your customers will fall in love with.

In the ‘Jigsaw puzzles and games‘ section you can find a wide variety of puzzles from 6 to 1080 pieces, boards to personalise with games and printable card decks.

Cute cuddly toys

Plush toys are a classic that always brings a smile to your face. That’s why having a range of cuddly toys with printed t-shirts in your shop is a sure hit.

At Brildor, we offer you a wide range of models and sizes of plush teddy bears, each with its own t-shirt ready to be personalised to your liking. As they are 100% polyester t-shirts, you can choose from sublimation, screen printing, HTV or heat transfer.

Cards with beautiful messages and special packaging

Presentation is crucial, especially on Valentine’s Day. At Brildor, we offer you different styles of gift packaging, as well as special boxes for mugs and bottles to help you present gifts in the best way possible.

Also, if you like crafts or have a vinyl cutter machine, you can create personalised cards to top off the gift. In our shop, you’ll find all kinds of cardstock and craft paper to personalise and transform each item into a truly special detail.

Which of these blank products are you going to sell in your shop? If you have other types of items, you can adapt these suggestions to your shop and your customers’ tastes.

We recommend promoting the Valentine’s Day campaign on social media to attract new customers. You can also offer discounts or special packs to boost sales.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will be happy to help you. You can also contact our Customer Service department.

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