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Textile printing has undergone a fascinating evolution over the years. DTG and DTF techniques have completely changed the game by allowing us to customize fabrics with incredible detail and high quality.

In this field, Epson has introduced the new Epson SC F1000 printer, opening its borders to reach all audiences. Same quality and versatility, but more compact and economical. Interesting, isn’t it? Stick around because we’re going to dive into all the specs and surprises Epson has in store with its new machine.

New dimensions, new audiences

The SureColor F1000 completes Epson’s range of DTG and DTF hybrid printers. It maintains its elegant and minimalist design, but this time with reduced dimensions. The new printer measures 90 x 70 cm compared to its big sister, the SC F2200, with dimensions of 98 x 1360 cm.

With these new dimensions, the printer can be placed in a smaller workspace, and the absence of a fan allows it to be easily placed against a wall. In this way, the SC-F1000 offers the possibility to have it in view, to show how it works thanks, also, to the large transparent cover and its interior light.

The best part? This printer is more economically priced. With this, Epson brings the DTG + DTF to entrepreneurs, retailers and small businesses that require a cost-effective and affordable solution for printing on fabrics of any color and composition.

The new Epson SC F1000 brings DTG and DTF closer to all audiences
🖨️ The new Epson SC F1000: DTG and DTF printing within everyone's reach 4

Inks that enhance color and durability

Like the F2200, the Epson F1000 also incorporates the new Ultrachrome DG2 inks that improve color and wash durability and prevent migration. However, due to its more compact design, the SC F1000 ink bags have a reduced capacity of 250 ml.

Usability and flexibility: DTG + DTF

With DTG and DTFilm capability, the SureColor F1000 has the flexibility to print on a wide range of textiles such as T-shirts, hoodies, bags, sweaters, cushions…

It stands out for its set of advanced features that ensure intuitive, accurate and high quality printing. The wide-opening lid makes it easy to place garments or DTF films. In addition, with its automatic gap adjustment function, it measures the height automatically, allowing you to work with textiles up to 2.50 cm thick without the need for manual intervention.

Also, the user interface benefits from an intuitive touch menu, with large and clear icons, which promises an enhanced user experience. The SC-F1000 also offers a wide range of connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, WiFi and WiFi-Direct, making it versatile for different working environments.

Epson SC F1000 - epson f1000 2 1 - 🖨️ The new Epson SC F1000: DTG and DTF printing within everyone's reach
🖨️ The new Epson SC F1000: DTG and DTF printing within everyone's reach 5

Heads and low maintenance

The new maintenance system is essential to keep the printhead in optimum condition, thus ensuring the highest quality in every print. Its automatic cleaning function prevents ink build-up, while removing any dust particles and fibers.

In addition, thanks to the automatic maintenance functionality, users can schedule periodic cleaning directly from the printer’s control panel. It also offers the possibility of being configured in a “vacation” mode, allowing it to be idle without compromising its status and functionality for when it resumes use. In this way, user maintenance is minimal, leaving time for creation and printing.

Advanced high-performance printhead technology

State-of-the-art printhead technology, designed exclusively for the use of textile inks in direct printing, ensures accurate image reproduction and professional results .

This advanced technology includes a Nozzle Condition Verification (NVT) system, which automatically adjusts the printhead to ensure optimal performance at all times. The printer will compensate for faults by using other nozzles so you can continue working. When you finish the job, you can clean them. It is important to highlight that it only cleans the detected dirty injectors, so it will have a lower consumption.

It also uses POL (Part Over Lap) technology, i.e. it prints overlapping to avoid banding. And its variable ink droplet technology enables resolutions up to 2400 dpi, resulting in exceptionally high quality printed products, ready to sell.

Epson SC F1000 - epson f1000 3 - 🖨️ The new Epson SC F1000: DTG and DTF printing within everyone's reach
🖨️ The new Epson SC F1000: DTG and DTF printing within everyone's reach 6

Includes the new Garment Creator 2 software

The Epson SureColor F1000 also includes Garment Creator 2 software that offers:

  • Advanced integration of DTF printing technology, with a new tab that transforms the work area, automatically enables mirror mode and adjusts the print order of the white base layer, thus optimizing the production process.
  • Vivid Colors” profile, designed to amplify the intensity and saturation of colors, resulting in brighter and more attractive prints.
  • Ability to distinguish and adjust independently the white ink used as a base or mask from that used as a surface white or highlight. This allows finer control over the intensity and coverage of the white ink, improving the detail of the final finish.

Monitoring with Epson PORT

Another advantage is its “Epson Cloud Solution PORT” tool, ideal for monitoring job management:

  • Obtains live information to optimize efficiency.
  • View print dashboards , printer utilization, uptime and more from any connected device.
  • Access to encrypted, secure, cloud-based activity reports.
  • Accounts for jobs to provide more information to manage the business.

▶️ Epson SC-F1000 Printer Introduction

The Epson SC F1000 redefines the boundaries of textile printing. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your production, this printer promises to take your projects to the next level, combining quality, versatility and efficiency in a compact design.

Now that you know about the SC-F1000 printer, do you think this printer could revolutionize your business? If you have any questions or if we have left anything out, leave us a comment so we can help you. You can also contact our Customer Service department.

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