Self Adhesive Vinyl - 5/7 years - Gloss - 30.5m x 2.5m roll

Sticky backed vinyl Tecmark 5000 Gloss, useful for small signage jobs and all kinds of crafts.

  • Suitable for non-porous, smooth or slightly irregular surfaces.
  • Easy to cut, peel and apply
  • Sale unit: 30.5 cm x 2.5 m roll in the chosen colour

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How to apply this vinyl?

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More information about the self-adhesive gloss vinyl (5/7 years)

  • Lasts up from 5 to 7 years, both indoor and outdoor.
  • Can be cut with a vinyl cutting machine.



Material Polymeric PVC, highly stabilised and calendered.
Thickness 70 µ (0.070 mm) ±5 %
Adhesive Clear solvent acrylic, permanent
Adhesion 7.5 N/cm
Liner Silicone paper coated on one side (135 g/m²)
Application temperature +10ºC/+40°C
Service temperature -40ºC/+80°C
Outdoor durability 5-7 years
Storage 2 years in its original packaging at a temperature of 20-25°C and 50% relative humidity.


  • If applied correctly, this vinyl leaves no residue after removal.
  • To remove residue that might be left by the adhesive tape holding the vinyl roll, we recommend you using ethanol 70%.

Recommended instructions and application parameters


  1. Place the vinyl in the machine, properly aligned and with its coloured side up.
  2. Send the project to the vinyl cutter (recommended pressure: 100-110 gf). For Silhouette machines, use the following parameters: blade setting 3, speed 5, force 10.
  3. After the cut, cut it from the spool and remove it from the vinyl cutter.


  1. Weed the excess vinyl.
  2. Cover the design with the transfer tape. Scrape the surface with a squeegee and apply proper pressure to achieve perfect adhesion with no bubbles.
  3. Turn the vinyl over and carefully remove the liner. You are now ready to stick the vinyl.


  1. Make sure that the application surface is clean and free of dust and grease. Use a cleaner with alcohol for grease removal.
  2. Carefully position the vinyl on the surface to be decorated. If you spray a little water beforehand, you’ll be able to reposition it more easily if you make a mistake.
  3. Using the squeegee and proper pressure, make sure that the whole surface sticks well and without bubbles.
  4. When finished, carefully remove the tape.
  5. The instructions given are based on our knowledge and tests carried out with our equipment, which is why we always recommend that you test it yourself to determine the best parameters for each case. Some surfaces may not be suitable for vinyl application.


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