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Mask Case - Self-assembly - Pack of 10 units


A self-assembly mask holder you can personalise using UV printing, transfer or vinyl. Specially designed to store and carry face masks safely and easily.

  • Made of sturdy polypropylene (PP) with a translucent finish.
  • Sale unit: 10-case pack.
  • Print area (per side): 15.3 x 23.7 cm

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Inmmediate: 3 units
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More information about the self-assembly mask case

  • Perfect for everyday use as a mask holder, as a promotional gift, or to hand out mask protection kits.
  • Reduces the risk of contagion by keeping hygienic items in a closed space, away from potentially contaminated surfaces.
  • Simple and very light design for easy transport.
  • Safety fastening on the flap to prevent accidental openings.
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and sanitise after each use.
  • Customisable with techniques that do not require heat transfer because it does not withstand high temperatures. It is recommended to use waterslide decals, lettering vinyl, or digital print vinyl.


Assembled case 10.2 x 9.5 x 2.3 cm
Unassembled case
15.3 x 23.7 cm x 0.3 mm
Pack 15.3 x 23.7 cm x 3 mm
Print area (per side)
15.3 x 23.7 cm
Case weight
6 g
Pack weight
74 g

Assembly instructions for the mask case

A. Centre the mask on the base of the case.

B. Fold the tabs towards the inside of the case, in the order shown below.

C. Close the case by inserting the tab into the slot.

More Information
Ref. 039530
Gross Weight (kg) 0.0740
Billable Weight 0.0814
Dimensions (mm) 153 x 237 x 0,3 (desmontado); 102 x 95 x 23 (montado)
Print area (mm) 153 x 237
Thickness (mm) 0,3
Colour Transparent
Surface material Plastic
Items Cases
Marking techniques Adhesive Vinyl, DTG, Transfer Paper, Transfer Sheets
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